Good Morning, RVA: The calm before the frozen tundra

Cold weather, like really cold, moves in tonight.

Photo by: aakanayev

Good morning, RVA! It’s 28 °F, and suddenly there’s a chance of snow. Temperatures still should break in to the mid-40s, but strong winds, clouds, and rain are going to ruin this afternoon–we may even see some snow mixed in with all of that later this evening.

As for tomorrow, prepare yourself for an ARCTIC BLAST, which may or may not be an actual weather term. With the windchill, tomorrow’s lows could see single digits.

Water cooler

Here’s your weekly, mostly no-news update on Stone Brewing Co. Things seem to be moving forward with the hiccups you’d expect in a deal this large with as many folks involved. I have faith that if things do start to run off the rails, the RTD’s Graham Moomaw will keep us all in the know.

A man shot and killed three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina on Tuesday, the New York Times has the details. All of this violence over a parking spot? Or is it another angry and armed white man killing a minority when confronted? There are lots of details in that NYT piece to help you decide.

For lack of much else going on, here’s a collection of maps detailing where in the US most pancake toppings originate from.


  • #20 Rams lost at home to La Salle in double overtime. Rams have now lost three of their last four.
  • Spiders squeaked by Fordham at home, 73-71, on the back of five second-half 3-pointers from ShawnDre’ Jones.
  • #2 Wahoos topped N.C. State, 51-47, improving to 22-1.
  • Caps beat the Sharks 5-4 in overtime.

This morning’s longread

Maternity Leave Policies in America Hurt Working Moms

Pair this longread with the news that women now have the right to breastfeed in public in Virginia. Also think about how previously women did not have the right to breastfeed in public in Virginia.

These gendered discrepancies in post-childbirth careers can be understood via a host of historical assumptions about mothers and fathers; hoary ideas about providers versus nurturers, masculine responsibility versus feminine pliability. And, of course, there is the stratospheric cost of unsubsidized American childcare, a factor that leads many more women than men to drop out of the workforce or cut back on their professional commitments. These realities are abhorrent, but they are, at least, studied. What goes less noticed is the way pregnancy and immediate postpartum life itself plays a serious role in slowing professional momentum for women for whom the simple–and celebrated–act of having a baby turns out to be a stunningly precarious economic and professional choice.

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