Good Morning, RVA: The best part of waking up

Looking forward to a regular-weather week.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 50 °F, and today’s high of 66 °F should be enough to rid us of any remaining snow. If the warm temperatures don’t do it, maybe this afternoon’s rain will!

Water cooler

Louis Llovio has a good breakdown of the Richmond School Board budget talks that will begin tonight (view the agenda here (PDF)). School Board needs to have their budget wrapped up and submitted in time for the mayor to have his budget sent to council by March 4th’s public meeting. From there one million meetings spring forth, culminating with the adoption of the budget and the beginning of the 2017 fiscal year on July 1st. Meanwhile, School Board Chairman Jeff Bourne has mixed feelings about the mayor’s call for putting a tax increase referendum on November’s ballot.

Susan Howson has updated her exhaustive list of gun-related legislation being kicked around in this year’s General Assembly session. 37 bills remain.

It seems crazy that just as we begin to recover from a ton of snow, that it’d be time to start thinking about your 2016 garden. This crazy fact is a true fact! Richmond’s last frost date is around April 20th, which gives you about a month and a half to get all the work done before plants can go in the ground (here’s a handy planting guide from the Virginia Cooperative Extension (PDF)). Let Richmond Magazine kickstart your garden vibes with this piece on the good urban gardening can do.

The press are no longer exiled to the second floor of Virginia’s Senate chambers, and Jeff Schapiro no longer needs his opera glasses to see the action.

The Iowa caucuses take place today, bringing the beginning of the end to the 2016 presidential primary season. What even is an Iowa caucus? Vox explains! New Hampshire votes on February 9th, South Carolina on the 27th, and the rest of us can join in on March 1st.


  • Rams came out firing on all cylinders and took care of Davidson, 79-69. Keep an eye on the AP Poll, VCU could break in to the top 25.
  • Spiders fell to St.Bonaventure, 84-68.
  • #11 Wahoos shut down #16 Louisville, 63-47.
  • Hokies lost at Pittsburgh, 71-90, their fourth ACC loss in a row.

This morning’s longread

The Calorie Is Broken

True story: The science that calorie counts is based on comes from a guy in the 1800s burning poop.

Even if the calorie counts themselves were accurate, dieters like Haelle and Nash would have to contend with the significant variations between the total calories in the food and the amount our bodies extract. These variations, which scientists have only recently started to understand, go beyond the inaccuracies in the numbers on the back of food packaging. In fact, the new research calls into question the validity of nutrition science’s core belief that a calorie is a calorie.

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