Good Morning, RVA: TGI PI DAY!

It’s still going to be a cool breezy day, but with the sun on your face and a few layers to boot, we can all get along with this Friday.

Good morning, RVA! Yes that special day is finally here, it’s Pi Day! I recommend going to the nearest bakery and celebrating…or if you’re not that hungry and in the mood for competition, you and your friends can see who can recite the most digits after 3.14. I mean, that’s cool, but I’d go with just eating pie.

The high of today will be 61 °F with clear sunny skies and a bit of breeze on the side.

Traffic issues could be too early to tell, but so far the roads are squared away for the morning commute.


This morning, Rowdy Rams and other lucky students are heading up to Brooklyn to cheer on the VCU men’s basketball team at the A-10 tournament. Tune in tonight to watch the Rams go against the Richmond Spiders for the third time. Will New York help the Spiders to victory, or will it be third time’s the charm for VCU?

Check out our 5 Things to do this weekend as well as for families, because with St. Patrick’s Day coming up there are SO many things to do!

Utility bills will be hiked up a bit for Richmond residents due to the proposed 2015 budget set by Mayor Jones yesterday.

American Idol fans rejoice! Apparently Elliot Yamin, (the only Idol who matters to our fine city) is visiting this weekend for Shockoe Fest.

The crazy mystery continues: those searching for the Malaysian flight are still in the dark about its location, and are now expanding the search to the Indian Ocean.

This morning’s INSTAGRAM

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photo by Gamma Man

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