Good Morning, RVA: Take a breather

Bike race action continues in earnest tomorrow!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 60 °F, and, man did yesterday have some wonderful weather for a bike race. Those good-weather vibes continue today with a few more clouds thrown in and expected temperatures in the just-less-than-80s.

If you’re a cyclist, maybe don’t look at this weekend’s weather forecast…#slipperycobbles

Water cooler

Another day, another insanely exciting bike race in the books. As is our time-honored custom (for the past couple of days), we bring you everything you need to know about yesterday’s race results and what’s going on presently. Racers will spend today training for the road circuit races which begin tomorrow. Roads will be closed, but the action will be tame compared to the coming chaos! Get excited! And remember, Richmond Public Schools have a two-hour early release today and are closed tomorrow.

Ned Oliver at the RTD says the City has identified 29th Street in Church Hill as the location of the next bike-walk street. Stretching from Creighton Court (and the new mixed-income housing going in up there) down to Libby Hill, this new piece of infrastructures will definitely help connect some pieces of the East End. As far as I know, this bike-walk street isn’t found in the City’s bicycle master plan.

Richmond’s newest brewery, 7 Hills, is now open…kind of. ABC laws are confusing and hard.

Whoa, Longwood University will host the one-and-only vice presidential debate in the 2016 election cycle! Remember when UR hosted the first-ever town hall debate? Virginia colleges FTW!

Vox has a great piece about why the Pope addressing Congress is a big deal and what it all means. It also goes into the embarrassing reality that there’s the potential for some of our legislators–like, actual senators and representatives–to treat the Pope rudely because he may talk about climate change. Augh, grow up elected officials! You can watch the Pope’s speech on C-SPAN at 10:00 AM.


  • Nats fell to the Orioles, 3-4. Today at 4:05 PM, they try to avoid the sweep.
  • Washington, who currently have the better record (!?), take on the New York Giants in a Thursday night NFL game at 8:25 PM.

This morning’s longread

Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web

There are very, very many breathless articles floating around about what the coming era of ad blockers on mobile devices means for publishers (like us!). This piece from The Verge does a good job of giving you some context for why this is all happening right now. It’s a bit chicken little, but will give you some good stuff to think about.

So it’s Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook, all with their own revenue platforms. Google has the web, Facebook has its app, and Apple has the iPhone. This is the newest and biggest war in tech going today.

And the collateral damage of that war — of Apple going after Google’s revenue platform — is going to include the web, and in particular any small publisher on the web that can’t invest in proprietary platform distribution, native advertising, and the type of media wining-and-dining it takes to secure favorable distribution deals on proprietary platforms. It is going to be a bloodbath of independent media.

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