Good Morning, RVA: Supplies running low, send Doritos

Things are still closed, roads remain unplowed!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 35 °F, and today’s highs, which are in the 50s, should help get rid of some of this dang snow. It better, because, dang y’all.

Water cooler

Well, probably everything’s closed or at least delayed again–here’s our ongoing list. Most neighborhood streets are still a disaster. You’re welcome to weigh in here and let those neighbors that haven’t yet left the house and are still wearing the same hoodie and socks from five days ago know exactly which roads are passable and which should be avoided. The City hopes to have all streets addressed by tonight.

Here’s an article in the RTD about the City turning part of E. Byrd Street into a water slide. Yeah, we’re an entire town that’s been stuck inside since Friday night, and we’ve decided that water slides are awesome. WHAT OF IT.

I’m blaming snow-addled brains for this recent Twitter mishaps in which @CityRichmondVA accidentally tweeted about supporting Donald Trump. They deleted the original tweet and claimed they were hacked. Seems like a classic Failure to Switch to the Right Account situation to me–something I can also totally see someone who’s less technologically savvy defining as being “hacked.” This is the news after a historic snow storm, you guys!

Could Virginia change its long-standing law that limits alcohol to just 55% of a restaurant’s total revenue? If you’ve ever wondered why Virginia has no true bars, this law is the culprit. While it’s not the first time such a proposal has been introduced at the General Assembly, it seems to have more support this time around.

To combat the Zika virus, the El Salvadorian government has suggested its citizens not have children until 2018?


VCU is “also receiving votes” in both of this week’s polls.

  • Spiders dropped their second game in a row losing to Davidson 78-70.
  • #11 Wahoos travel to Winston-Salem to take on the Demon Deacons tonight at 7:00 PM. Watch on ESPN3.

This morning’s longread

The strange life of Q-tips, the most bizarre thing people buy

This is the longest thing I’ve ever read about Q-tips.

Q-tips are one of the most perplexing things for sale in America. Plenty of consumer products are widely used in ways other than their core function — books for leveling tables, newspapers for keeping fires aflame, seltzer for removing stains, coffee tables for resting legs — but these cotton swabs are distinct. Q-tips are one of the only, if not the only, major consumer products whose main purpose is precisely the one the manufacturer explicitly warns against.

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