Good Morning, RVA: Summer is coming

Lots on deck: an iWatch (probably not), NBA and NHL finals, beautiful weather today, and sweltering heat later this week.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 50 °F, and I should have put on some socks. If you’re not into humid, sweltering heat, you should probably soak up every bit of today’s sunny and low-80s weather, because summer is coming. Summer. Is. Coming.

Water cooler

Richmond Police reported the city’s 19th homicide, a couple of blocks from Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Gilpin Court, at 9:00 PM on Saturday. This was May’s fifth murder and the city’s first since May 10th.

The Richmond City School Board meets tonight, and you can find the agenda here. They’ll be discussing, among other things, changes to Section 7 (personnel) and Section 8 (students) of the policy manual and an addendum to the Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts Charter School.

Apple’s Developer Conference, WWDC, begins today. Internet websites across the blogosphere are filling the tubes with rumors and hopeful predictions of what Apple will announce. An iWatch? A larger iPhone? No, probably neither. MacRumors has a good roundup of what to expect. The keynote begins at 1:00 PM.

Did you know that Spain has a king? Turns out! But King Juan Carlos will abdicate, and his son, Prince Felipe, will take over. It’s like a real life, but waaaay less violent and sexy, Game of Thrones!

The Stanley Cup finals begin this Wednesday at 8:00 PM on NBC as the New York Rangers take on the L.A. Kings. East Coast vs. West Coast! There can be only one.

The NBA finals begin this Thursday (so many finals!) at 9:00 PM on ABC as the San Antonio Spurs take on the Miami Heat. Texas vs. Florida! A battle of places that, I’m sure, are wonderful once you get to know them.

This morning’s longread

Frank Lloyd Wright tried to solve the city

What would a city designed by Frank Lloyd Wright look like? Pretty neat!

He once wrote, “To look at the plan of a great City is to look at something like the cross-section of a fibrous tumor.” Wright was always looking for a way to cure the cancer of the city. For him, the central problem was that cities lacked essential elements like space, air, light, and silence. Looking at the congestion and overcrowding of New York City, he lamented, “The whole city is in agony.”

Photo by: jimmy_ray

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  • This past weekend’s murder took place on Saturday (May 31st) not Sunday (June 1st). June’s murder total currently stands at zero.

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