Good Morning, RVA: Street art, future mayors, electric dams, and a bunch of ciders

Rain is on the way today.

Photo by: sandy’s dad

Good morning, RVA! It’s 64 °F and great right now, but who knows what the future holds! There’s a pretty decent chance of rain–and possible thunderstorms–today through tomorrow afternoon. Sunday, though, she looks like a beaut.

Water cooler

The RVA Street Art Festival is back, and this time…no one escapes alive! Just kidding! Starting today from 4:00 – 7:00 PM and continuing through the weekend, artists will turn the area around the Southern States silos from drab to fab. Catch up on all the important details you need to know and some background on the festival.

In Future Mayors Society news, Levar Stoney officially declared his candidacy while Councilman Chris Hilbert announced he’s no longer running for mayor but has decided to run for City Council. It’s probably time to look at the giant list of folks who’ve filed their fundraising papers again–just to get a feel for things. We are 53 days out from the filing deadline.

Something to keep an eye on: A company has filed an application to get the rights to maybe one day hydroelectricify Bosher’s dam. That article is worth reading just for the insight into how water rights even work.

Buskey Cider will open their doors in Scott’s Addition tomorrow. Gluten-free booze for everyone! Annie Tobey has everything you need to know about Richmond’s newest spot to suck down local alcohol.

Northsider PSA: This weekend is race weekend. Expect traffic on and around Laburnum, plus a Ragnarök-like din pulsing through the air over the next couple of days.

Man, I really loved these photos by Heaton Johnson of corner stores throughout the city.

Vox lists seven things we’ve learned about earth since the last earth day. One of them is the number of trees on the planet, but I already knew that from listening to this episode of Prabir Mehta and Kevin Hann’s Instant Everything podcast!


  • Oh, what’s this? The Squirrels have put together back-to-back wins! They face off with Altoona again tonight at 6:00 PM with games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well.
  • Kickers return to action after a long break and head south to battle the Charlotte Independence tonight at 7:00 PM. You can watch live right here.
  • Nats have lost four games total so far this season, three have been to the Marlins–including last night’s. They’ll host the Twins over the weekend, starting with a game tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • Caps will take on the Flyers tonight at 7:00 PM and Sunday if necessary.

This morning’s longread

And, on Passover, God Gave the Israelites Back Their Legumes

Passover begins tonight at sunset.

In an effort to be reasonable, though, the rabbis, at least the wise ones among them, have tried to exercise restraint. Unlike the Passover prohibition on wheat and other grains, which is considered Biblical in origin, the ban on legumes has the legal status of “custom,” which leaves room for leniency. Items under the Legume Ban, for instance, needn’t be removed, destroyed, or sold before Passover; as the Orthodox Union put it in a recent memo on the topic, “On Passover, people may keep cans of sweet corn in their property or feed millet to their parrot.” With the lifting of the ban, it would seem that all Jews, on their annual holiday of freedom, are finally as free as their parrots.

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