Good Morning, RVA: Still so, so hot

It’s not all heat and humidity out there today, wait, yes, yes it is.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 77 °F, and it rained last night, I swear. The official rainfall total from the airport only reads “T” for “trace,” but I saw it with my own eyes, and members of my household may have done a celebratory dance.

Back to today: highs, again, will creep into the mid-90s–bumming everyone out. There’s a chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon, but who dares to hope.

Water cooler

Washington and Lee University (Lee, like Robert E. Lee) has decided to take down the (reproduction) Confederate battle flags currently on display at the Lee Chapel. This comes after a group of law students, ominously dubbed The Committee, called for the removal of the flags. The full statement from the university’s president is worth reading as a good example of dealing with and working through our complicated history.

The six local food trucks approved to vend at the Redskins Training Camp have been chosen: Bodillaz, Buzz and Ned’s, Carytown Burgers and Fries, Opa Food Truck, Red Eye Cookie Co., and The Boardwalk Hot Dogs.

Carytown Cupcakes can now sell wine and beer to go with its cupcakes. I had no idea that this change was due to a new law, SB502, that went into effect last Tuesday.

From the RTD, today’s bizarre headline: Pack your weapon when you fly — but do it properly. From the article: “‘We think that people are getting more lax the further we’re moving away from 9/11,’ Farbstein said. ‘People tell us with great frequency that they forgot it was in their bag.'” WTVR went with: “THIS is how you fly with a handgun and avoid confiscation.” OK.


  • Squirrels give Akron the business, 9-4. The series continues tonight, and tickets are available online.
  • Nats and Orioles we’re postponed by rain last night, they’ll make it up on August 4th. The series moves to Baltimore tonight at 7:05 PM.

World Cup

So how about that Germany-Brazil game last night, huh? Germany scored seven goals against the host country, ousting them from their own dang tournament, in what Nate Silver calls “the most shocking result in World Cup history.” It was the most goals ever scored in a World Cup semifinal (Hungary holds the overall World Cup record with a 10-0 victory over El Salvador in 1982).

Today, Netherlands and Argentina hope to avoid a similarly embarrassing outcome at 4:00 PM on ESPN.

This morning’s longread

The Man Who Invented Sports Television’s “Honey Shot”

Legendary ABC Sports producer Roone Arledge, the mind behind Monday Night Football, is often credited with bringing the “honey shot” to sports television. But it was Arledge’s longtime director at ABC, Andy Sidaris, who loudly and proudly took credit for combining sports-watching and the objectification of women.

Welp, that’s pretty gross.

Photo by: Sandy’s Dad

This morning’s Instagram

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