Good Morning, RVA: Sriracha is safe

It’s a cooler, cloudier day that’s filled with news.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 62 °F, and today’s high of 67 °F is three degrees colder than yesterday at 6:00 AM. The clouds will stick around for most of the day, and there’s a pretty good chance of some rain this afternoon.

The weekend looks gorgeous, though.

Water cooler

The Greek Festival starts today! After 39 years, this festival still makes a mean baklava that you can eat while totally drinking wine from the bottle surrounded by thousands of people. If the thought of close proximity to other humans gives you the shivers, the drive-through line opens at 11:00 AM. Lunch break!

It took until the 81st minute, but the Kickers defeated New York Greek American Atlas 2-1 and will now face MLS’s New England Revolution in the fourth round of the US Open Cup. That game will take place on June 18th at City Stadium and is kind of a big deal. Tickets are on sale now for $15. Soccer!

JK, JK, everyone. The mayor has cancelled the meeting to explain, in full, the details of his Shockoe stadium plan. His chief of staff says: “Everybody wants to kind of catch their breath and sort of not think about this for a couple days.” Sure!

Beginning today and lasting for three months, DPU will close parts of Forrest Hill Avenue and limit traffic to one lane. Ugh!

Dr. Dre is now part of Apple. At $3 billion, it’s Apple’s most expensive acquisition in their history. Also, I’d almost forgotten about how Dre was in N.W.A. Beats!

Last night, the Irwindale City Council declared that the Sriracha plant was not a public nuisance. Burritos everywhere rejoiced. Hurrah!

This morning’s longread

My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment

This is pretty much how I live my life, but I just eschew the whole bacteria part.

…some regular users may find themselves less reliant on soaps, moisturizers and deodorants after as little as a month. Jamas, a quiet, serial entrepreneur with a doctorate in biotechnology, incorporated N. eutropha into his hygiene routine years ago; today he uses soap just twice a week. The chairman of the company’s board of directors, Jamie Heywood, lathers up once or twice a month and shampoos just three times a year. The most extreme case is David Whitlock, the M.I.T.-trained chemical engineer who invented AO+. He has not showered for the past 12 years. He occasionally takes a sponge bath to wash away grime but trusts his skin’s bacterial colony to do the rest.

Photo by: Wolfgang Staudt

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