Good Morning, RVA: Spring showers

Warm-but-wet weather will probably impact your weekend plans.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 35 °F so you may need to wear a blanket around the house like a cape this morning–at least until things warm up a little. And warm up they will: Highs this weekend will settle into the upper-60s and even lower-70s. Rain that’s due this evening–and will continue through all of Saturday–may ruin any exciting, warm-weather plans you have, though.

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Saturday is Pi Day, depending on the native date format of the place you call home. This year is a special Pi Day as we can squeeze more digits of Pi out of the date and time than normal: 3.14.15 9:26. If you lived in Japan and used a sane date format (, you’d never celebrate Pi Day. Pluses and minuses, I guess.

The RTD’s Katy Burnell Evans, who’s the new supplement to Graham Moomaw, has an expectedly disappointing report on Washington’s NFL training camp. Council would like local schools to play more football games on the field, local schools do not want to pay to rent bleachers and lights “when their own facilities need millions of dollars in work”. If they really need someone to use the field, I’ll totally volunteer to go over there and kick field goals for a while.

This weekend’s warm-but-wet weather may cause some shifting of St. Patrick’s Day festivities–the St. Paddy’s Palooza in Innsbrook has already moved to Sunday due to the rain. Keep your ear to the ground/Facebook if you’re headed out to partake. If you’re looking for other, non-St. Patrick’s Day events this weekend, you could do worse than this list or this list.

Whoa, Rian Johnson will write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. Disney also announced Rogue One, the first of (presumably many) standalone Star Wars movies. We enter now into the Marvel Cinematic Universification of movies, prepare thyself.

The President of America reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Basketball days continue into the weekend! The Spiders, Rams, and Wahoos are all still alive in conference tournament play, and Selection Sunday is this weekend. Get excited!

This morning’s longread

How The University Of Miami’s Basketball Coach Is Bringing Back The Ñ

Jim Larranaga is arguably most famous for ruining the country’s collective March Madness bracket in 2006. He coached 11th-seeded George Mason University through upsets of perennial powerhouses like Michigan State, North Carolina and number-one-seeded Connecticut and eventually reached the Final Four before losing to Florida.

“We never used the tilde,” George Mason’s director of news media for men’s basketball, Dan Reisig, wrote in an email. “In fact, no one at George Mason was aware of his Cuban lineage prior to his arrival at Miami.”

That’s because the lineage has been slowly whitewashed, piece-by-piece, over Larranaga’s life.

This is old news, but I’d never heard the story of how Coach Jim Larrañaga got his tilde back.

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