Good Morning, RVA: SNOW!

Stay safe, and stay warm!

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Good morning, RVA! Well, it’s 23 °F, and here we are: Today’s forecast calls for snow–and lots of it. You should start seeing some sweet, sweet action this morning (check out the Lane Stadium webcam for a live view of what’s to come), and said snow action will continue straight through Sunday. Batten down the hatches, because storm’s comin’, Martha!

Current forecasts from around town:

Water cooler

OK guys, it’s go time. First: Basically everything is closed today and tomorrow. We’ll be updating that previous link throughout the day, and if you’d like something added let us know. But if you had a thing, you probably no longer have that thing. Second: snow and cold weather can be fun but also dangerous–just like water skiing and coffee! Here’s a list of tips to help keep you safe, alive, and well-hydrated. That last one’s just my own tip: Stay hydrated.

Milk and bread, right? One thing I’ve noticed this year is a couple of stories about runs on alcohol in addition to the normal empty bread shelves and milk coolers. I’d be 100% OK with updating our collective shouts of “MILK AND BREAD” to “MILK AND BREAD AND BOOZE.” Also, this quote from WTVR is simply the best: “‘Alcohol keeps you warm, not so much bread or milk,’ said Danielle Myrick, who bought six mini bottles of Pineapple flavored liquor at the ABC store on West Broad Street Thursday night.”

On Monday (assuming Richmond still exists and Council still decides to meet), City Council will vote on the BRT development agreement. This is basically the last hurdle for bus rapid transit to clear before real things, like construction, can begin in earnest. If you care about this possibly city-altering project, please contact your councilfolk and let them know! If you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to Michael Paul Williams in the RTD.

Also in the RTD: This recap of BlackVCUSpeaks, an event which featured Bree Newsome, the woman who literally took down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. Read through this piece for a few interesting thoughts from Police Chief Durham.

The State just received $120 million from the National Disaster Resilience Competition because the sea is coming to reclaim Hampton Roads. Climate change deniers can hate all they want, but if we don’t do something (like build some dang dykes) the 757 will slip into the ocean over the next century.

We found a new biggest prime number! It’s got 22,338,618 digits!


This is crazy, but several games this weekend have been rescheduled due to snow.

  • Rams postponed their game with St. Bonaventure until Sunday at 3:00 PM–watch on NBCSN.
  • Spiders have also postponed their game against Davidson until Monday at 7:00 PM.
  • #13 Wahoos will now host Syracause on Sunday at 7:00 PM. The game will still be televised on ESPN2.
  • Hokies welcome #2 North Carolina to a snowy Blacksburg on Sunday at 6:30 PM.

This morning’s longread

To Build A Fire

The man flung a look back along the way he had come. The Yukon lay a mile wide and hidden under three feet of ice. On top of this ice were as many feet of snow. It was all pure white, rolling in gentle undulations where the ice-jams of the freeze-up had formed. North and south, as far as his eye could see, it was unbroken white, save for a dark hair-line that curved and twisted from around the spruce-covered island to the south, and that curved and twisted away into the north, where it disappeared behind another spruce-covered island.

This morning’s Instagram

The bread is gone!!!!

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