Good Morning, RVA: Snow.

I’ve…run out of clever things to say about the snow.

Photo by: Luis Hernandez

Good morning, RVA! It’s 29 °F and our world is filled with snow–possibly more snow than what shut down the entire city for most of a week just a couple days ago. You can follow the weather-related closings here, but know that basically everything is closed.

Water cooler

I had a hard time parsing Graham Moomaw’s piece about Richmond’s Economic Development Authority because I’m easily distracted and there’s a ton of snow falling outside of my window. After reading a couple pieces like this over the past couple of months, it seems like once the EDA nails down the Stone Brew Co. situation there might be some pressure to change how that whole process works.

Speaking of, those same folks just authorized a cash payment of $285,538 to the Washington NFL team to cover a shortfall in funds generated by their Richmond-based training camp.

The Richmond International Film Festival begins today, and there are about a billion films worth watching. Read our piece about how it all comes together, then bundle up and see some movies!

The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality today, which, as a guy who does some business on the Internet, impacts my life.

Finally, two super important pieces of news: 1) Netflix will reboot Inspector Gadget, and 2) In 2017 Disney will bring back Ducktales!


  • Whoa nelly that VCU-UR game was something else, was it not?! Nothing says great rivalry like an emotional, double-overtime thriller. Richmond’s 67-63 victory gives them their first regular-season sweep of the Rams since 2001. Here’s hoping they meet up in the Atlantic 10 tournament for a final rematch!
  • #2 Wahoos held Wake Forest to 34 total points. My god.
  • Hokies were so close to pulling off the upset of #4 Duke at home last night. But, alas, they lost in overtime 86-91.
  • Caps fell to the Penguins, 3-4.
  • #1 Randolph-Macon will play in the quarter finals of the Div III basketball tournament today against #8 Randolph at 1:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

How Crazy Am I to Think I Know Where MH370 Is?

A really wild conspiracy theory about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It’s long, but stick with it until the end where things get wild.

I imagine everyone who comes up with a new theory, even a complicated one, must experience one particularly delicious moment, like a perfect chord change, when disorder gives way to order. This was that moment for me. Once I threw out the troublesome BFO data, all the inexplicable coincidences and mismatched data went away. The answer became wonderfully simple. The plane must have gone north.

This morning’s Instagram

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