Good Morning, RVA: Sleepless in a Seattle-like Richmond

Get ready for a week of gloomy weather.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 53 °F, and for the next three days you might feel like you’re living in Seattle. We’ll have rain, cloud cover, and maybe even some severe weather thrown in for fun. Despite the gloom and doom, temperatures will stay above the mid-60s.

Water cooler

Students from Richmond’s Open High will walk out of classes at 8:30 AM today to protest the deplorable conditions at some Richmond City schools. If you’re an old person like me, you can join them at City Hall around 9:00 AM. If you haven’t read the Style Weekly cover story about the state of some of our schools do so now.

Former VCU three-point specialist Troy Daniels made national headlines this weekend by lighting up the three-point line in the NBA playoffs. Daniels is 7-of-11 from behind the arc in the past two games with 26 points in just 41 minutes of play. This tweet from Arsenio Hall says it all.

Here’s a bunch of insane, racist audio from NBA owner Donald Sterling that may or may not be fake. Yesterday the Clippers warmed up without logos in protest.

This is your first warning about this weekend’s three-day bicycle race (including Friday, y’all!). Streets will close! Cars will be towed! Commuters will curse! Please plan accordingly.

This morning’s longread

Why habitable exoplanets might mean humanity is doomed

Awwwww man! This both bums me out so hard and makes me dizzy when I think about it.

While emergence of intelligent life could be rare, the silence could also be the result of intelligent life emerging frequently but subsequently failing to survive for long. Might every sufficiently advanced civilization stumble across a suicidal technology or unsustainable trajectory? We know that a Great Filter prevents the emergence of prosperous interstellar civilizations, but we don’t know whether or not it lies in humanity’s past or awaits us in the future.

Photo by: blavandmaster

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