Good Morning, RVA: Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!

The weekend is almost here. The weekend is almost here. Keep repeating that to yourself.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 58°F, a shocking number to see in August, but today will be plenty warm. Highs around 86°F with very few clouds and no precipitation.

Water cooler

Mark Robinson at Richmond mag illuminates all of us about Ray Boone of the Richmond Free Press. I sure hope that when I die, people don’t leave my desk untouched. Because crumbs and ants, you know?

Yet another restaurant opening on that one block of Grace Street, Karri Peifer tells us, which is probably the most attractive block in the city. Don’t ever change, Honey Shop!

The New York Times has a really complete picture of Vester Flanagan, the WDBJ killer, if you’d like to know more about the brain of a deranged killer.

Meanwhile, another shooting in Gilpin Court sent a teen to VCU for surgery, and Mosby Court had a shooting yesterday as well. Not to alarm you, but ugh. That’s three shootings in Gilpin this week, which WRIC covers quite nicely. This quote makes me want to give up on life:

“I’m supposed to teach him how to stop, drop and roll. Instead I teach him how to stop, drop and wait until the fireworks stop. It’s not something I should be teaching my 4-year-old, but out in Gilpin Court I have to teach him how to lay low until the bullets stop,” said Jennifer Smith, a Gilpin Ct. resident.

The police have been out there since Tuesday–they set up a “command center.” Last night’s shooting happened a block away from it.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has a really gripping 10-year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of their city. It’s worth clicking around in there to get an idea of what it was like and how far the city has come since. And, of course, what still needs to be done.

On (hey, that’s us!), a gorgeous photoessay about life on the urban college campus that is VCU. And, a less gorgeous photoessay about what to do with your recycling bin.

And with that, I turn this back over to Ross Catrow. I will now sleep for 48 hours!


  • Nats closed out their series with the Padres, winning last night’s game 2 – 4. There is no rest for them, though–the Marlins are here! New series begins tonight at 7:05 PM and will continue on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Squirrels were ultimately defeated by one run last night, in a nail-biting matchup with Akron. Rematch tonight, tomorrow, AND Sunday. They might as well move in with the Akron players!
  • Kickers finally cure your soccer jones by challenging the Charleston Battery to a duel this Saturday at City Stadium (bring your dog!). And then if you want to continue your soccer spree further…
  • DC United takes on the New York Red Bulls on Sunday at 7:00 PM.

What to expect

  • Beer news!
  • Kickers predictions!
  • Ways to get your child and pet active and engaged and happy and ready for a huge long nap

This morning’s longread

Why teen-agers are the worst

Best headline alert.

“Nothing–whether it’s being with your friends, having sex, licking an ice-cream cone, zipping along in a convertible on a warm summer evening, hearing your favorite music–will ever feel as good as it did when you were a teenager,” Steinberg observes. And this, in turn, explains why adolescents do so many stupid things. It’s not that they are any worse than their elders at assessing danger. It’s just that the potential rewards seem–and, from a neurological standpoint, genuinely are–way, way greater. “The notion that adolescents take risks because they don’t know any better is ludicrous,” Steinberg writes.

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