Good Morning, RVA: Serious mayors, missed opportunities, tortas, and brisket

Nice, warm, and windy today as we prepare for some possible storms tomorrow.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 54 °F, and today’s highs are back in the upper 70s. Unfortunately, we must pay for these wonderful temperatures with just a token really, a trifle…our voices! Just kidding, we pay for them with lots of wind, significant clouds, and a chance of thunderstorms late his evening / early tomorrow.

Water cooler

Joe Morrissey is expected to formally announce his mayoral candidacy tonight at 5:30 PM at the Satellite Lounge out on Jeff Davis Highway. Scoff all you want, but you need to take Morrissey extremely seriously. Candidates must win five of nine council districts to become mayor, and if none of the folks running do so there is a December runoff election between the two candidates receiving the most votes. All it takes is Morrissey picking up a couple districts to force a runoff–and it’s certainly no coincidence that he’s announcing at the 8th District’s Satellite Lounge where Councilwoman Reva Trammell hosts some of her district meetings. Hold onto your butts, y’all. It’s going to be a fascinating election season!

Morrissey, a 58-year-old former state delegate and defense attorney, was suffering from a splotchy red poison ivy rash on his face, but seemed no worse for the wear as he glad-handed supporters and old friends.” Guys…you still need to take him seriously!

Ned Oliver’s got the news about how much the City owes Washington’s NFL team this year for the privilege of hosting their summer training camp. Brace yourself before reading that article, though, because it’s filled with sadness and missed opportunities. I guess it’s time I update this graph, which is also filled with sadness.

Filling me with gladness, however, is Trevor Dickerson’s preview of the third RVA Street Art Fest! I missed this thing while it was gonna and am glad to have it back.

The RTD has a review up of La Milpa (one of my favorite spots) by Elliott Shaffner. First, if you’ve never been to La Milpa, you maybe need to reconsider your life’s priorities. Second, when you pull up the mapping application of your choice and see just how far away La Milpa is from your current location, know that it’s worth it. Third, the carnitas tacos are great, but skip them and get the torta. Just do it, OK?

Important news from Stephanie Breijo at Richmond Magazine: The ZZQ popup at Ardent will soon be a weekly affair. I’m not sure that increased frequency will do anything to decrease line length, because, dang, that brisket is something else! A little bird (aka the final paragraph of the previous link) tells me that ZZQ will unveil a new smoker at the Veil’s opening on April 16th.


This morning’s longread

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

After looking at over a hundred groups for more than a year, Project Aristotle researchers concluded that understanding and influencing group norms were the keys to improving Google’s teams. But Rozovsky, now a lead researcher, needed to figure out which norms mattered most. Google’s research had identified dozens of behaviors that seemed important, except that sometimes the norms of one effective team contrasted sharply with those of another equally successful group. Was it better to let everyone speak as much as they wanted, or should strong leaders end meandering debates? Was it more effective for people to openly disagree with one another, or should conflicts be played down? The data didn’t offer clear verdicts. In fact, the data sometimes pointed in opposite directions. The only thing worse than not finding a pattern is finding too many of them. Which norms, Rozovsky and her colleagues wondered, were the ones that successful teams shared?

After you read this, make sure you take the Reading the Mind in the Eyes test.

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Flood Wall at night – James River – Richmond, VA

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