Good Morning, RVA: Sad weather week

I’ve decided to start working for the weekend today.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 38 °F, and weatherwise, I think it’s time to write this week off. We’ve got a chance of rain this morning with clouds blotting out the sun for the remainder of the day. Then thunderstorms tomorrow, rain on Friday, and highs not even in the 50s on Saturday. Next week though (which is probably too far out to predict accurately), next week looks mighty fine.

Water cooler

We all knew it was coming, and now Style Weekly’s Ned Oliver has the word about changes to the city’s Economic Development Authority. Also in Ned’s piece, Stewart Schwartz of the Coalition for Smarter Growth has some interesting thoughts / feelings on Richmond’s newish popularly-elected mayoral system of government that I’d never considered.

Yeah, Jeff Schapiro! In today’s editorial, he outlines some of the many state-level agencies that have their own law enforcement officers–like the ABC–and why reducing the number and reach of those officers has broad political support. It’s like the one thing we can all get behind, you guys!

Karin Kapsidelis at the RTD has an update to the ongoing Sweet Briar College situation. What was once sad but fairly straightforward, now definitely has the potential to turn sad, ugly, and incredibly complex.

Don’t play with guns, kids.

Ted Cruz signing up for Obamacare doesn’t illustrate hypocrisy as much as how annoying having your insurance coupled to your employment can be. Either way, dudeman does not believe in climate change so…(check out today’s longread for more on that).


  • Despite a double-digit halftime lead, the Spiders lost to Miami, 63-61. Thus ends the 2014-2015 basketball season.
  • Opening day for the Flying Squirrels is April 9th and for the Washington Nationals is April 6th.
  • The Richmond Kickers kick off their season this Saturday, March 28th.

This morning’s longread

How American journalists deal with climate deniers

Rosen details four ways campaign journalists could deal with climate denialism in their coverage:

  1. Normalize it: Treat denialist claims like any other campaign position.
  2. Savvy analysis: Is denialism a winning move or is it costing the candidate?
  3. Persistence: Call what it is — a rejection of the science — and keep calling it that.
  4. Confrontation: Try to raise the costs of denialism.

#1 should not be an option.

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