Good Morning, RVA: Rockets’ red glare

It’s America’s best holiday weekend!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 67 °F, and today looks pretty OK, you guys–expect highs in the mid-80s and some clouds here and there. The rain, which is part of the deal from now until forever, should hold off until late this evening.

July 4th Weather Watch Outlook: There’s a 50/50 chance of storms at fireworks-watching o’ clock. Keep those fingers crossed!

Water cooler

Happy Birthday, America! This weekend’s holiday–probably RVANews’s favorite–is one of those excellent times that July 4th falls on a weekend. Celebrate safely, celebrate extensively, and have a wonderful (and, I hope, long) weekend. You can, of course, find all of the Independence Day and fireworks-related info you need right here in our 4th of July guide.

Graham Moomaw has a short update on the Floyd Avenue Bike Boulevard. While it looks like it won’t be ready for the Big Bike Race™, people–like, Richmonders who live in Richmond–will still need and want to ride bicycles after the race leaves town.

With Jim Webb’s announcement, it’s probably time again to link to the current list of Democratic Party presidential candidates and the list of Republican Party candidates. I think we’re up to 19 major-party candidates.

There’s a fascinating revolt going on at Reddit, and as a result some of the site’s most popular subreddits (aka sections) have taken themselves down in protest. It all stems from the firing (maybe) of an employee that helped run the extremely popular “Ask Me Anything” section–in which even the president has participated. The whole thing is super interesting as the folks with the power to shut things down are unpaid members of the community–and those members have Grievances.


Former VT Athletic Director Jim Weaver passed away yesterday. As AD, a position he held for over three decades, Weaver saw Tech move into the Big East and ultimately land in the ACC.

  • Squirrels beat Harrisburg last night, 2-0. They return home tomorrow to face Akron at 6:05 PM, and since it’s America’s birthday, they’re having a double fireworks show! The series with Akron continues through Monday.
  • Kickers play in Louisville tomorrow, July 4th, at 7:30 PM.
  • Nats lost to the Braves again, this time 1-2. They host the Giants today at 6:05 PM.
  • D.C. United takes on the Seattle Sounders tonight at 11:00 PM. Ugh, West Coast o’ clock.

What to expect

A whole bunch of 4th of July related stuff and beer news–honestly, that’s probably a good picture of your holiday weekend.

This morning’s longread

When Bad Judgment Is at the Top of the Menu

The term “politically correct” implies that inclusive language or behavior is, in itself, not correct. The qualifier “political” reliably turns correctness into its opposite. When that term was applied to the grill discussion, it had the effect of dismissing everything that was correct about renaming the grill, without ever having to weigh those parts of the discussion. The term rendered all those points insignificant: creating an inclusive climate, naming a common area with a commonly engaging term, clearly rejecting sexual objectification of women, creating a campus that reassures rather than scares off new students.

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