Good Morning, RVA: River safety, beer, new restaurants (not in Richmond), and grocery store madness

A little chilly on the way into work this morning, make the appropriate footwear choice.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 38 °F, and today I will not make the mistake of going sockless like I did yesterday. Deceptively chilly out there in the morning! Highs today will top out around 70 °F, and the sun will keep on shining.

Water cooler

Yesterday, a woman drowned in the river, just above Manchester. Take this as a terrible reminder that if you’re spending any time near or in the James you need to be careful. If the water levels are over five feet, which they are currently, you are required by law to wear a life jacket.

The Veil Brewing Co. announced they’d officially become Richmond’s (and Scott’s Addition’s) newest brewery on April 16th. The folks over there have a serious beer pedigree and will be doing some weird stuff not yet attempted in RVA’s beer scene–like spontaneous fermentation. Expect a handful of brews, the requisite food trucks, and all of your closest beer-nerd friends!

Aw man, the Washington Post reports that Travis Milton will open his new restaurant in Bristol, which is not in Richmond. This bums me out, but read that WaPo article and today’s longread to get a sense of why opening an Appalachian-focused restaurant in Appalachia is probably a better idea–especially for Milton, a guy from the area who cares deeply about it.

Style Weekly’s Brandon Fox takes a look at Richmond’s churning grocery store landscape. All of this but the entire East End is served by the one Farm Fresh on Main Street? Can’t we get some Stone Brewing Co.-like lobbying for just one of the million grocery store chains to open up east of downtown?

The French Film Festival can be overwhelming! So man films, so many beautiful, flowy French people, how’s a trundley American to know what to do? Susan Howson has it all worked out for you.

There are two rat puns in this contest, I am therefore required by law to link to it.

In case you’re following along at home, the scheduled-then-postponed Schools Investment Funding Program Work Group Meeting (SIFPWGM) has been rescheduled for Monday April 4th at 10:00 AM. Now the folks who work for RPS will be back from spring break and able to attend. Personally, I don’t like to schedule any meetings on the day after a week of vacation, but I think you take what you can get in this situation.

Scroll down, past all the terrible Trump stuff, to the delightful history of the pencil-and-eraser, which was patented today in 1858.


Despite some apparent interest from Vanderbilt, Coach Will Wade and VCU worked out a contract extension to keep him in Richmond until 2024. Of course these types of contracts are mostly baloney since they all contain buyout clauses, but it’s nice to know he’ll be around next year. The RTD’s Tim Pearrell says the “$750,000 in enhancements for the basketball program” has been privately funded–which I take to mean not funded by increasing student athletic fees.

This morning’s longread

Garden and Gut

These restaurants, still, by and large, contribute to the uprooting of communities of color–even as they thrive on the interest in a more progressive South. Too often, the contemporary New South has adopted the traditions of these communities, transformed them into something only accessible to the affluent, and then claimed that their value stems from their role as a shared cultural inheritance. There’s something deeply contradictory about claiming authenticity on the basis of tradition while ignoring your dependence on the very things threatening those traditions, and the success of some doesn’t justify the ways in which the same processes erase others from their own cultures.

Whoa. Make sure you read all the links in this piece too.

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Downtown RVA at golden hour!

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