Good Morning, RVA: Return of the sun

Today, I could use some sunshine.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 49 °F, and…I think it’s done raining? Highs will barely break 50 °F today, so it’ll be colder than yesterday but drier for sure. And the sun! We will see it! Like, find your sunglasses, guys.

Water cooler has put together an update on yesterday’s mass shooting in California. I mean, what else is there to even say or link to? Maybe this tweet from Senator Chris Murphy. Or this one.

The folks who want to save The Diamond presented their plan to the public yesterday, and you can sign up to learn more on their aptly named website: Ned Oliver at the RTD can provide you with some of the super-early architectural renderings, but keep in mind this is totally a “wouldn’t it be cool if” situation. This groups hopes to encourage the mayor / council to consider refurbishing The Diamond and include baseball in the Boulevard redevelopment plan. As far as I know, there’s no funding behind their plan–or even a financial estimate–yet. That said, I do love architectural renderings.

I read this piece by Katy Burnell Evans twice and I still don’t know if / when the City will submit their 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It certainly sounds like they’re in a much better spot than last year, so that’s exciting.

Richmond Magazine profiled 3D Central, a 3D printing store on Main Street that I walk by all the time on my way to the mailbox. I’ve thought a lot about what I could have made, but turns out they already have the perfect thing for me hanging on the wall: a full-size replica of the Master Sword.

If you did something other than attend RVANews Live #005 last night, you really missed out. The panelists were charming and fascinating, the alcohol samples existed, and I told an embarrassing story about myself. What more are you looking for in a Wednesday night? Keep your ears open for RVANews Live #006, the topic of which we’ve been talking about for almost an entire year now!

No Child Left Behind is getting a makeover and Vox has all the details.


  • Rams beat Middle Tennessee on the road last night, 62-56, despite struggling through a stretch of terrible offense in the second half. Next up is an insane set of games that includes Florida State, Georgia Tech, and #17 Cincinnati.

This morning’s longread

The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America

Programmers as cowboy heroes!

But the story of a group called the Marketplace Lite team has yet to be told. These are the designers and developers, mostly younger than those in the Tech Surge, who stuck around after others had left. Their experience hints at just how little the Obama administration knew about the business of building a website as complex as–but, also, how much the administration has improved since then.

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