Good Morning, RVA: Red sky at morning, Richmonders take warning.

Rain, maps, cans, statues, refugees, and sales. So many nouns.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 50 °F, and today there is a pretty good chance of rain–mostly in the late afternoon. Temperatures for the next two days will hover around 70 °F, so that’s something.

Water cooler

The attempt to redraw Virginia’s Congressional districts in more fair and sensical way continues! Andrew Cain at the RTD has many words and even an animated gif comparing the existing district map with the two new ones proposed by the experts. The districts in the new maps are more compact and shaped less like a herd of giraffes falling down, so that seems pretty good.

Ned Oliver wins the best local headline award today with: “City applies strong-smelling fertilizer to Monument Avenue.”

WRIC has a summary up of the violent gun-based crime the city’s seen over the last couple of days. Police say they are “working with the commonwealth’s attorney to develop a plan to mitigate crime in the city.”

Ever wonder how each and every local beer in Virginia makes its way into an environmentally-friendly and flavor-preserving can? Amy David from RVA Magazine has your answer. Plus videos of machines!

A couple of months ago we talked about moving the statue commemorating police officers who’ve died in the line of duty from its current spot downtown to Byrd Park near the Carillon. Looks like the Byrd Park folks aren’t exactly stoked on its proposed future location.

This article about why turning back Syrian refugees helps ISIS is an interesting read. Also, keep that updating NYT page up in a tab again today, as French police have raided a Paris suburb and arrested seven people.

We’re desperately trying to clean out our storeroom, so you should buy some of these clearance items from our shop. Our holiday merch will thank you from its spot on the floor as it forlornly waits for shelf space.


  • Spiders and Wake Forest tip off at 7:00 PM in Winston Salem on ESPN3.
  • Hokies (roundball) take on Jacksonville State at 7:00 PM on ESPN3.

This morning’s longread

Let’s Sell Some Shit To These Millennials

But you have a problem. We conducted a survey for you, and, listen, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to be upfront: While millennials are Snapchatting, they are ninety-seven percent less likely to be bagging lunch. Less than one tenth of one percent of all tweets are about sandwich bags. Let that sink in. Nobody is tweeting about bags.

This won’t turn itself around. Millennials weren’t raised the way we were, with a passion for sandwich bags. To instill it in them, I’ve developed a customized, four-step plan that I call B.A.G.S. Let’s go through it.

Face with tears of joy emoji.

This morning’s Instagram

The Nickel Bridge (Boulevard Bridge) and The Carillon

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