Good Morning, RVA: Raindrops keep falling on my head

Good chance today for rain and a second (or third) cup of coffee.

Photo by: Arno Meintjes Wildlife

Good morning, RVA! It’s 71 °F and today brings with it many chances of rain–the first beginning around 8:00 AM. From then on we’ve got a better-than-average shot at some thunderstorms until tomorrow.

Water cooler

The RPS school board meets tonight, and you can find the agenda here. Probably the most interesting agenda item is the one to rename Thompson Middle School. On the list of proposed names is Allen Iverson Middle School, which, why are we even still talking about this? Let’s make that happen.

Growlers to Go on Boulevard will offer nitrogen for cyclists to put in their bicycle tires? The advantage of nitrogen over regular air is…debatable at best–air is mostly nitrogen anyway. But who cares! Get a growler cage, and you can bike to fill your growlers and inner tubes all in the same trip!

Is anyone more amazing than Serena Williams? This weekend she added her sixth Wimbledon title to the second house that I imagine she’s built just to contain all of her major awards. John McEnroe puts it perfectly, “Serena Williams will get to 25 Grand Slams and some annoying person somewhere will come up with another achievement that she hasn’t done and she will figure out another way to motivate herself to keep going. It comes down to health at the end of the day. If you are still playing well, arguably better, it is pretty hard to stop. If she is able to handle nerves etc, she will be able to go as long as she wants to.”

Here’s an update on the Greek Financial crisis, which I continue to not understand. This seems like something though, right?

NASA’s New Horizons probe continues to zip towards Pluto at blazing speeds (30,800 mph). It’s beamed back some neat new pictures ahead of its ultra-close approach just one day from now!


  • Squirrels went 1-2 against Trenton and have a chance to even the series today at 12:00 PM.
  • Kickers scored three on the St. Louis FC over the weekend to come away with the 3-1 win.
  • Nats won two of three against the Orioles, and now have a break until Friday due to the All-Star Game.

What to expect

We’ll start this week off with:

  • An update on harvesting your power from the earth’s yellow sun.
  • We launch our local booze guide today! Wine, beer, liquor, we’ll have something for everyone over the next two weeks.
  • An update on the Big Bike Race™–one of the courses has a new starting point.

This morning’s longread

So long, Reddit

The saga at reddit continues to unfold, and man is it interesting. I do not envy the new CEO, who just replaced previous CEO Ellen Pao over the weekend.

The practical reality is that Reddit seems to have overtaken Stormfront as the world’s largest White Supremacy community. And thus, every page view turns into some fraction of a dollar that powers a server that hosts hate.

This morning’s Instagram

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