Good Morning, RVA: Pizza party!

Artisanal pizza begins on Broad Street today at Graffiato

Good morning, RVA! It’s 66 °F which probably gives you the impression that we’ve got a beautiful fall day in store for us. False. Temperatures shoot back up in to the mid/high 80s, the sun returns from its sojourn among the clouds, and our frenemy humidity makes an awkward appearance.

Looks like fall will return this weekend, but for now, summer’s back.

Water cooler

Today, Mike Isabella’s Graffiato opens on Broad Street in the old Popkin Tavern. Folks are stoked on this restaurants! I think the last time Richmond’s collective food humans were this excited about a restaurant was back when Rappahnnock opened…which is also owned by Travis Croxton! That guy has the Midas touch of restaurants, but not in the bad way where you end up killing all of your friends and family and starving to death.

Senator Mark Warner announced that the Feds have awarded Richmond a $25 million grant to fund Bus Rapid Transit. GRTC’s current BRT plan features a route that stretches from Willow Lawn, through the city, and out to Rocketts Landing with 14 stops along the way. It’s an 0.88 mile walk from the western-most stop to Mekong.

The Henrico County Police Department hopes to have body cameras for each of its officers by 2016; the first of the cameras will hit the field this October. Police Chief Douglas Middleton: “We’re going to use money that we took from drug dealers to pay for it.” Aaron Williams covered “cop cams” on Day #039 of our 100 Days to a Better RVA project.

Etsy has banned items containing the Redskins name or logo from its site. “Sellers are welcome to continue selling items that contain the team colors and location, but items containing the name or the logo will no longer be allowed.” Only a matter of time…

Apple announced all manner of things yesterday, but the two big ones were the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus) and the WATCH. The phones kept their time-honored prices, starting at $199, and the watch clocks in at $349. Yikes. The most exciting announcement for me, was easily Pay. I hate carrying around a bundle of credit cards, and I’m for anything we can do to delete them from our lives.


  • Squirrels bonked by evil Binghamton, 2-5. I think tonight is your last opportunity of the year to catch a Flying Squirrels’ game at the Diamond, so get your tickets now. The action starts at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats busted the Braves, 6-4, look for the sweep today at 4:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

How men dominate online commenting

But I also saw something less encouraging: women may be rare in part because they’re less comfortable. Female commenters are significantly less likely to include their last names, in line with previous research showing that women worry more about privacy online because they are more likely to face harassment. And my program could not identify a single woman on several of the Dot Earth Blog articles on climate change (like this one or this one), even though studies show that women are, if anything, more interested than men in climate change. This may be in part because a few men tended to dominate the discussion on the blog; as one irritated commenter wrote to the blog’s author, “Have you noticed what an utter disaster your blog threads have become? Basically, you have the same five cranks authoring thousands and thousands of repetitive words.”

Photo by: Graffiato

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