Good Morning, RVA: Phil! Phil Connors?

Six more weeks of meteorologists resenting America’s misplaced trust in a rodent.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 55 °F, damp, and windy. The rain should dry up later this morning, while the wind continues to gust and the temperatures continue to drop throughout the day.

Water cooler

Well, that was quite a Super Bowl, both sportswise and commercialwise. If you missed any of the commercials and want to feel superficial feelings, you can watch them all here–it’s up to you. You should, however, definitely watch the halftime show, which was amazing, and featured Katy Perry riding atop a giant robot lion/tiger.

Today is Groundhog Day! It’s the weirdest of holidays and is mostly about making jokes from a 1993 Bill Murray movie (which, by the way, is #279 on the 1,000 best films list). Later this morning, a rodent will do a thing that we will all talk about while pouring our morning coffee at the office.

Poop-N-Barfgate continues as Hampden-Sydney delays reopening after a norovirus outbreak until at least Wednesday.

The mayor announced in his State of the City address last week that he’d hire a new chief of police this week (the outgoing chief, Ray Tarasovic, will retire). The RTD reports that we will have our new chief today at 1:00 PM.

A map of America’s pizza places.


  • Spiders shocked the #14 Rams, using a 18-2 run to upset the home team. VCU senior Briante Weber tore several ligaments in his knee, ending his record-breaking career.
  • #2 Wahoos couldn’t get it done against #4 Duke and lost their first game of the season, 63-69. The Cavs travel to Chapel Hill tonight at 7:00 PM to get back on track.
  • Hokies lost to previously-last-place Wake Forest, 70-73.
  • Caps fell to the Blues, 3-4.

This morning’s longread

In My Diary

Last week featured longreads about how writing makes you happy and why it’s tough to make money from a career in writing. This week, let’s start off with this piece from Rookie about starting a diary…for real this time.

I was a kid who grew up reading fiction starring diarists like Harriet Welsch and Mia Thermopolis, and I wanted to be funny and perceptive, like they were, in a journal of my own. So I’d buy a notebook, whether it was a fancy one or a plain composition book, and write my first entry. These always began the same way:

Dear Diary,
Well, looks like I’m going to be starting a diary! I don’t have much to write right now, but tomorrow, I’ll write in you.

And then…nothing.

This morning’s Instagram

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