Good Morning, RVA: Overtime, violence, books, hangouts, and yogurt

Warm and…dry?!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 60 °F and…it may not rain today! It’ll be real cloudy, sure, but we might avoid any precipitation while seeing temperatures in the mid 70s. OK, that sounds great!

Water cooler

Yesterday, police reported the City’s 22nd homicide. Travis Antonioni Horton was found shot to death in his car at the 701 Express Store on Jefferson Davis Highway.

Ned Oliver has some details on a possible settlement from the city for folks working in the Department of Social Services that were not paid overtime due to them. City departments have been operating with reduced budgets, reducing staff, and then using that vacancy money to cover operating expenses (aka the Ol’ Leaf Collection Switcheroo™). That the remaining employees are working overtime and not being paid that overtime (probably because the money just doesn’t exist) seems like a thing that could happen. This could totally not be the case for DSS, but does seems like one of the logical result of how the City has done business until very recently–something that CAO Selena Cuffee-Glenn has stepped in and changed.

We’ve relaunched our reading column with Julie Glover at the helm, and, man, I need to find time in my life for all of these amazing books. Where to even start!?

I think I’ve linked to it a couple,of times, but the conversation on Teresa Cole’s most recent education FAQ continues to be super interesting. Speaking of…

People! It is time to meet in person again. Join us at the Coalition Theater on June 1st for RVANews Live #007: The State of Education in Richmond. We’ve got a pretty all-star lineup set to discuss the state of learnin’ in RVA: Two advocates, a school board member, a teacher, and even some students! As always, but especially this time, it’s going to be educational. Get your ticket now.

But I hope you already got your tickets to the Insane Clown Posse show at the Broadberry this weekend, because it’s sold out! Richmond Magazine has an interview up with Shaggy 2 Dope–and that’s the most unlikely sentence I’ve ever written.

Amazon Prime Now has kind of changed my life. Now, when we run out of dog food, my family no longer plays an angry game of rock-paper-scissors to see who has to put on pants and go to the store, muttering under their breath the entire time. Previously, you had to place that dog food order (or whatever else, you can even buy a dang Playstation and have it delivered in an hour!) from your phone, which, and I know this seems crazy, but is sometimes inconvenient. But now, you can Prime Now straight from your web browser, which is nice for those of us living the iPad life or those of us whose phone is still in the pants they are no longer wearing.

Do probiotics do anything? Vox says sometimes, but only in very specific situations. And! Some yogurt doesn’t even have any critters living in it! Basically, this is just further evidence that no one understands how the human body even works, and people will do anything to make a buck.

In world citizen news, the president of Brazil is no longer the president of Brazil.


  • Squirrels were swept by Harrisburg Senators, the second team to do so in the last week. Tonight, Richmond hosts Altoona (the previous team to sweep them) at 6:35 PM.
  • Kickers fell 0-1 to Toronto yesterday afternoon.
  • Nats split the series with the Tigers 2-1, and now have a day off!

This morning’s longread

Iceland’s Ghost Planes

It’s weird what people decide is a landmark and worth trekking across a frozen wasteland to see.

According to public military records from the Air Force and Navy, from 1941 to 1973 when the plane went down on Einar’s farm, there were 385 U.S. military aviation accidents in Iceland. That’s roughly one accident every 31 days for 33 straight years. Considering that we have never waged war with Iceland, that no country has attacked Iceland in the last 70 years, and that this far-flung island nation doesn’t even have a military, that’s insane.

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