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That sound you hear is productivity crashing all across America as the 2015 NCAA Tournament begins.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 34 °F and today’s weather looks a lot like yesterday’s. Clouds today may force you to put on something a little warmer than a hoodie, and if you’re out late tonight expect some rain. After tomorrow’s colder and wetter weather, warm beautiful days return just in time for the weekend.

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The Madness begins in earnest today, as the best part of the 2015 NCAA Tournament kicks off today at 12:15 PM. #7 VCU will face #10 Ohio State at 4:40 PM on TNT. Read our preview and start feeling that sports stress first thing this morning!

Martese Johnson, a 20-year-old black UVA student was injured while being arrested by ABC agents early Wednesday morning–the RTD’s Brandon Shulleeta has a long description of the details surrounding the situation. The governor is “concerned by the reports of this incident,” while the internet’s Taber Bain, notes that HB981, which failed in committee during this year’s General Assembly session, would have transferred the enforcement of alcohol and tobacco laws to the Virginia State Police.

Also from the RTD this morning, Graham Moomaw has the next set of confusing details about the Stone Brewing Co. deal. More interesting to me than the issues of loans and interest and soil conditions, is the frank and frustrated tone directed toward the city’s Economic Development Authority by a significant number of councilfolk. Feels like some change for that group is on the horizon.

Parts of the world get to see a solar eclipse on Friday. We do not.


  • #1 Spiders downed the #8 St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers in the first round of the NIT last night, 84-74. Richmond will host Arizona State on Sunday, March 22nd at 7:30 PM. Tickets are on sale now.
  • #7 Rams will face the underrated (at least in my opinion) #10 Buckeyes today at 4:40 PM in the “second round” of the NCAA tournament. You can watch the game on TNT.
  • Caps brave the Wild at 8:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Coding Like a Girl

One category of reactions that I receive all the time as a programmer that presents as feminine is: No one believes I am a programmer. I can’t tell you how many people, when meeting me and hearing my profession, tell me that I look like a designer, someone in accounting, someone in marketing, anything but a programmer.

What a wonderful article that really challenged some of the internal vocabulary/semantics I use when it comes to gender. I also loved this bit of practical advice for what to do when encountering someone in your field that you’ve never met: “Assume people are as or more qualified than you.”

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