Good Morning, RVA: Now we wait

Snow’s coming, but how much?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 27 °F, and we’re literally waiting in the calm before a literal storm. Enjoy it! Today’s weather, which will be cold and sunny, is like the delicious, palate-cleansing appetizer before the impending meaty entrée of snow headed our way.

As weather models continue to update, most of them have posted snow totals in Richmond of over 12 inches. Some models are saying insane, unspeakable things which I will not repeat here. Now, all that’s left to do is wait and see!

Current forecasts from around town:

Water cooler

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has the snowfall record table I was looking for on the National Weather Service website but could not find for the life of me (it is…not the best website I’ve ever seen). Accumulation over 12.6 inches would put us in the Top 10, anything over 15.2 would be a Top-5 event, and 22 inches would be the most snow ever to fall in a single event. The previous record is held by a storm in 1940 on…January 23rd – 24th!? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

Richmond Magazine’s Mark Robinson introduces us to the 10 candidates who applied for the open 1st District School Board position. The board will hold a public meeting on February 1st, and then select a replacement on February 8th.

Whoa, VCU bought the Media General Building on 4th Street. This would go a long ways to connecting the two campus. With the Monroe Park campus growing steadily eastward, I guess, on an infinite timescale, we’ll see the two campuses merge into one super campus?

Ahhhhhh! More Making a Murderer spoilers! Filmmakers respond to the recent criticism.


The Buffalo Bills have hired Kathryn Smith as their special teams quality control coach, the first female full-time NFL coach in history!

  • Rams rock Duquesne, winning 93-71, which is their ninth straight win.
  • Hokies drop a heartbreaker on the road against Notre Dame, losing 81-83.

This morning’s longread

Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years

Here’s a story about gross bugs!

Then one day in 1918, a supply ship, the S.S. Makambo from Britain, ran aground at Lord Howe Island and had to be evacuated. One passenger drowned. The rest were put ashore. It took nine days to repair the Makambo, and during that time, some black rats managed to get from the ship to the island, where they instantly discovered a delicious new rat food: giant stick insects. Two years later, the rats were everywhere and the tree lobsters were gone.

Totally gone. After 1920, there wasn’t a single sighting. By 1960, the Lord Howe stick insect, Dryococelus australis, was presumed extinct.

There was a rumor, though.

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