Good Morning, RVA: No sweat!

This week’s weather playlist is incredible.

Photo by: Joey Wharton

Good morning, RVA! It’s 70 °F, and we’ve got another beautiful day coming our way. Today’s highs will sit pleasantly in the mid-80s while I sit pleasantly outside not sweating through my shirt.

Water cooler

Yesterday, the mayor’s office sent out this press release about progress on the planned/proposed Low Line–it’s like the High Line, but low. The folks from Capital Trees want to create a five-acre linear park along the canal that stretches from Bottoms Up to Great Shiplock Park. Skip ahead to 6:00 in this video for some architectural renderings.

Will Richmond get high speed rail to D.C.? Who knows. However, the nation’s top transportation guy, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, says he’d like to use President Obama’s last couple months in office to make it a reality–or at least a more real reality. I remain skeptically optimistic.

Page Hayes gave each one of Richmond’s breweries a personality test. These are the results. Next I want to make them all take Insights, I bet Hardywood is totally a red/yellow.

Humans blasted off in Russian rocket yesterday bound for the International Space Station. Here’s what it looks like to dock a tiny spacecraft to a giant space station while whizzing around our planet.

From Vox: “Congress keeps finding increasingly absurd ways to avoid raising the gas tax.” If ever there was a time to hike the gas tax, it’d be now while gas prices are cheap as a snake. Related: today’s weather is perfect for riding your gas-free bicycle into work!


  • Yesterday’s 5-3 win over Akron completes the sweep for the Squirrels. A new series with Erie begins today at 7:05 PM.
  • Nats made it past the Mets, 4-3. They’ll head to Pennsylvania today to hit up the Pirates at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

So What About Polygamy Anyway?

Practical thoughts for slippery slopers.

However you picture it, giving polygamy legal recognition would mean establishing legal infrastructure to answer questions that don’t come up in binary marriages. In a group marriage, can one spouse divorce the others, or does the whole relationship dissolve and need to be reformed? What’s the property settlement look like? Do all spouses have equal rights and responsibilities regarding the children, or do biological parents have a stronger legal bond? In a Biblical polygamous marriage, are all the wives equal, or does the first wife have a special role?

In any of the polygamy models, it doesn’t take much imagination to spin out questions that may not be unanswerable, but aren’t answered in any obvious way by current law. Such questions go all the way down to the most trivial level: What fee should a clerk charge for a plural marriage license? Are current fees based on per-person or per-marriage logic? That question never comes up as long as all marriages are between two people, but someone would need to decide God-knows-how-many minor issues like that.

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