Good Morning, RVA: Nine, ten, never sleep again

Monday, I begrudgingly acknowledge your existence.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 75 °F, and, unlike my disposition, today will be pretty dang cloudy. Expect highs in the mid-80s and a small chance of rain mixed in with those clouds.

Water cooler

Tammie Smith at the RTD has some newish news about our ongoing wrestling match over a free-standing independent children hospital by way of a profile of VCU Health CEO Dr. Marsha Rappley. While Rappley wants more inpatient pediatric facilities, she makes it extra clear that she’s not endorsing a separate children’s hospital. She wants those facilities downtown and as part of VCU Health.

Yesterday on Facebook, Carver restaurant The Magpie announced that they were closing their doors for good. Meanwhile, Church Hill’s Dutch and Co. has filed an ABC application for a new restaurant in the East End. Both of these restaurants were part of what felt like the vanguard of Richmond’s current dining boom, and it’s sad and exciting news respectively.

I enjoy these graphs in the New York Times about skinny-fat and healthy-obese people. For some folks–as many as one in five!–BMI is not a good indicator of body fat percentage.

Oh no! Wes Craven died last night! Craven directed a million terrifying movies including Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream (both of which are streaming on Netflix at this moment) , and Last House on the Left. May he terrorize and kill us all in our dreams tonight!


  • Squirrels beat Akron three times over the weekend–including a 12-2 drubbing yesterday. An away series against Harrisburg begins tonight at 7:00 PM.
  • Kickers fell to Charleston, 0-2. Just a couple of regular season home games remain in the 2015 season!
  • Nats went two of three against the Marlins over the weekend. They start a new series against the Cardinals tonight at 8:15 PM.
  • The New York Red Bulls energy-drinked D.C. United 3-0 yesterday.

This morning’s longread

Why Did Two Girls Want to Kill for Slender Man?

Over the past year, the attack in Waukesha has come to be known as “the Slender Man stabbing.” This is because, during their interviews with police that Saturday, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, who at the time were both 12 years old, said they were trying to kill Payton Leutner to please a mythical internet horror creature named Slender Man — a tall, thin, faceless man in a suit who has tentacles growing out of his back and preys on children.

Happy Monday!

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