Good Morning, RVA: New mayors, new barbershops, new buildings, and new jobs

Warmer but rainier today.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 56 °F, and today’s seemingly random selection of weather will bring highs near 70 °F, a chance of rain this morning, and possible thunderstorms this evening. And worry not, the persistent wind from the last couple of days continues.

The weather for this weekend’s Monument 10k has cleared up, but hasn’t yet decided if it’ll be pleasant or freezing.

Water cooler

Too many mayors. That’s my main takeaway from Doug Wilder’s Wild Mayoral Forum, which took place last night on Virginia Union’s Campus. 12 candidates and potential candidates sat on stage and answered questions from Bob Holsworth and Doug Wilder himself. The later reminded everyone that he’s still a guy and can be the star of any show in any room that he happens to be in. I half expected him to announce his own candidacy at the end of the night. As for the people, you know, actually running for mayor, it’s mega early, and it felt like everyone was still kicking the tires on this whole 2016 election thing. One thing all candidates agreed on: The city can do better than Mayor Jones. If you want a list of the soundbites you should scroll through #rvamayor or read this recap from Ned Oliver. Remember: There are 68 days left to file! Things haven’t even started yet.

High Point Barbershop will open a second location in Scott’s Addition, which is great news for all of the beards and hairs in your life. I wonder if they’ll get a lot of had-too-many-drinks-at-a-brewery walk-ins?

Also possibly coming to Scott’s Addition: Two ten-story residential buildings. The developers will most likely need to grab a special use permit to build that tall, which, I’m almost positive, will generate some good debate at various city meetings and in comment sections across Richmond.

Zachary Reid at the RTD has a list of 10 ways to enjoy the Monument 10k without running. He also describes the race in the most perfect, non-runner way: “30,000 people in squishy shoes and short pants are going to line up on West Broad Street near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.”

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  • The Squirrels return! Kind of! Today at 1:05 PM the Squirrels will take on Hartford, but even though the games will be played in the Diamond, they’re technically away games.
  • Nats picked up another early-season win against the Braves, 3-1. Today’s their home opener against the Marlins at 4:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

The Enduring Mystery Of ‘Jawn’, Philadelphia’s All-Purpose Noun

It is a word without boundaries or limits. Growing up in the suburbs just west of the city, I heard it used mostly to refer to objects and to events. In the new movie Creed, a character asks a sandwich maker to “put some onions on that jawn.” But it can get much more complex; it can refer to abstract nouns like theories; a colleague of Jones routinely refers to “Marxist jawn.” It can also refer to people or groups of people. “Side-jawn,” meaning a someone the speaker cheats on his or her significant other with, “is a uniquely Philly thing as far as I can tell,” says Jones.

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