Good Morning, RVA: Need more blankets!

Is it socially acceptable just to wear a blanket around in public? Like a big snuggly coat?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 21 °F, and the highs today will be in the mid-30s–which doesn’t seem very high to me. This weekend, when temperatures won’t break freezing, we’re gonna look fondly back on today, though. It’s all about perspective!

Water cooler

Richmond Police have confirmed the double fatal shooting that WTVR reported yesterday. They’re treating one fatality, Veka “Shawn” Chham, as a murder and one as a death investigation. This is February’s second murder, and 2016’s seventh.

Yesterday I came across a bunch of local news stories (now national news, by the way) on this video about racial inequality which had been shown to Glen Allen High School students. Apparently, white students and parents were/are up in arms and offended at the suggestion that minorities live a constantly disadvantaged life. Henrico’s school board has now gotten involved and said this insane apology, “In addition, steps are being taken to prevent the use of racially divisive materials in the future. We do apologize to those who were offended and for the unintended impact on our community.” Rather than angrily write a bunch of words about how it’s clear that those exact students (and parents (and school board members)) are the ones that need to be shown a video like this, I will instead link to this wonderful piece by Marc Cheatham which puts the whole thing way better than I ever could.

The Houston Bus Guy, whose real name is Jarrett Walker and I should probably stop calling him “The Houston Bus Guy,” has a post up on his website about Richmond! He and his people will be working with us over the coming year to come up with a plan to revamp our entire local bus network. One of the biggest concerns about our recently approved Bus Rapid Transit project was that its scope was too limited, and didn’t serve enough (or the right) neighborhoods. To this Walker says, “Plans for major transit infrastructure are never total transit plans, any more than a main street is a total street network. The real network planning starts now.” I am so excited about this.

James Talley–who once owned Commercial Taphouse, home of Richmond’s most thoughtful beer list RIP, and now co-owns The Cask–opened White Horse Tavern a while back. It also has a wonderfully thoughtful beer list and is totally the neighborhood bar you didn’t know you were looking for. The RTD’s Elliott Shaffner has a new review of their food, and she specifically calls out their burger as being both normal and delicious. Lots of places in town make insanely good and insanely complex burgers (Heritage!), but sometimes you just want a great-but-regular hamburger, and that’s harder to find than it should be.

Susan Howson sat down to talk with Richmond’s Public Art Coordinator Ellyn Parker on the eve of the final Public Art Master Plan meeting. Why is public art even a thing you should care about? Susan asks! Ellyn answers!

You might think that an interview with Richmond Ballet’s Stoner Winslett about their production of Romeo + Julliet would not speak to you deeply about society. You would be wrong. DEAD WRONG #tybalt.

I just read an article in the New York Times about Burger King adding grilled hot dogs to their menu.

There’s yet another debate tonight! Clinton v. Sanders, 9:00 PM, PBS.


  • Rams head to Massachusetts tonight, where I bet it’s even colder than it is here, for a 7:00 PM tipoff.
  • Spiders were victorious at Saint Louis, winning 67-53.

This morning’s longread

‘It looks wrong and feels worse’ – Tim Dowling tests menswear styling techniques

The best thing I can say about shoulder-robing is that size is not an issue, because you are not actually wearing the coat in question. However, as a result, it’s a highly unstable arrangement; when I shoulder-robed my way down to the shops, my coat blew away. Anyway, I think I lack the insouciance required to carry this look off; it looks as if I have broken one of my arms. People hold doors open for you, but that’s about the only benefit I can see.

That picture of the scarf, though!

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