Good Morning, RVA: More days like this, please

As the year winds down, let’s just keep with the pleasant weather.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 33 °F now, but today looks just like yesterday: highs approaching 50 °F and lots of sunshine. I know everyone’s dreaming of a white Christmas, like the ones you used to know (when you lived further up north, I guess?), but I’d be fine with an endless string of days like today until spring decides to show up.

Water cooler

Councilman Charles Samuels (2nd District) has announced he will step down as City Council president. Council will elect a new president and vice president from its own members during their first meeting in January. It looks like Councilwoman Michelle Mosby (9th District) has enough votes to take the spot with Councilman Chris Hilbert (3rd District) serving as her vice president. The RTD’s Graham Moomaw has more, including Mosby’s allies on council and her relationship with the mayor.

The Martin Agency has picked up Tic Tac as their newest client. Did you know the same company makes both Tic Tac and Nutella?

Time Magazine’s person of the year is “the Ebola Fighters.” I would have picked Beyoncé, but I’m a bad person.

Here’s a random, weird thing: “Manhattan would need 48 new bridges if everyone drove. Here’s what it would look like.” Also, to fit all of those (theoretical) dang cars, they’d need to build a layer of underground parking beneath all of Manhattan. Public transportation: it works!


  • Caps host the Blue Jackets tonight at 7:00 PM and look to push their win streak to four.

This morning’s longread

Trailer homesteading in the Mojave

This style of life simultaneously sounds like the best thing ever and like something that would drive me absolutely crazy.

I was already in the thrall of tiny houses, and we’d both grown attached to the idea of fixing up the 1962 travel trailer my husband had lived in in the late 90’s, with it’s green shag rug full of dust and it’s drawers full of mouse droppings.

I chose a spot for the trailer at the north end of his parent’s 2.5 acres, across from a small building that served as a bathroom and sauna. A fence created a U-shaped courtyard between the two that would be our domain: landlocked, and far enough from the neighbours to walk across naked on hot summer nights.

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