Good Morning, RVA: Monument Avenue 10k, Maggie Walker Situation, and food delivery options

A coldish, windyish Friday is better than no Friday at all.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 43 °F, and windy, sunny, and slightly cool are the various names of the game today.

Tomorrow, there’s a chance of rain way early in the morning–so if you’re setting up for the Monument 10k, I am sorry. If you’re running it, temperatures will at least be above freezing? That’s something, right? If you plan on traveling in the area of the course tomorrow, take a look at the road closings (PDF) and no parking zones (PDF). Things start shutting down today at 1:00 PM with everything mostly wrapped up by 12:00 PM tomorrow.

Speaking of freezing, keep an eye on lows Saturday night / Sunday morning. You may need to tuck your garden in with a blanket again.

Water cooler

I did a bad job of reminding you that yesterday the Urban Design Committee met to consider tweaks to the Maggie Walker Situation. UDC voted 6-1 in favor of the project and passed on their comments to the Planning Commission. Of course citizenfolk were on hand to voice their concerns–tree-related or otherwise. I’m into this unsolicited slight redesign of the plaza (PDF) by nearby–like, their building points directly at the proposed statue–Cite Designs. It removes some of the parking on Adams, expands the plaza a bit, and gets rid of the savanna-like landscaping the existing plan calls for. These changes would theoretically provide for more space to be used by humans instead of urban savanna wildebeests (I guess).

Well, here’s an interesting piece from Katy Burnell Evans about school facilities. She says that some local firms have submitted an unsolicited, Public-Private proposal to “overhaul” Richmond Public Schools. Details, at the moment, are few, but maybe this would make a dent in the estimated $563 million 15-year plan (PDF) to get school facilities back on track.

My specific place of residence is in a food-delivery black hole, and for some reason I never think to use any of the many delivery services popping up around town. Luckily I have Richmond Magazine’s Bird Cox to remind me to do just that this weekend!

This piece on Vox about rescheduling marijuana is super interesting, but don’t get your hopes up for freely accessible weed anytime soon.

That women are harassed while playing tabletop games is unsurprising. Sad, gross, and unsurprising.


  • Kickers host the Rochester Rhinos tomorrow at 5:00 PM. It’s part of the I ❤️ Carytown Craft Beer Festival, so maybe make an evening of it!
  • Squirrels continue their away-but-not-really series against the Hartford Yard Goats (yep, real team name) at 7:35 PM. They lost yesterday, 4-5.
  • Nats lost as well, 4-6. They’ve got today off to think about what they’ve done before facing the Marlins again tomorrow at 4:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

On Blonde Girls in Cheongsams

I didn’t wear a lot of cheongsams in my day, but, man, do I vividly remember girls who did. Also you should read pretty much anything Jenny Zhang writes.

There’s this kind of irresolvable trap that occurs when you’re too young to have any power but old enough to know that you want some. It’s the trap of being too inarticulate to have the clarity people expect you to speak with when you speak of the depressing black hole of systematic racism. What I wanted to say was how it felt to grow up in a country that indicated to me everything from the country I was born in looked good on anyone but me. This trap made me think the classmate in the hallway making fun of my Chinese last name while sporting a Chinese character tattoo above her ass, was the person I had to defeat, when, in reality, we belonged to the same world –€” a world that said that Chinese culture looked best as an accessory on a white person. In this world, a qipao was a garish costume on me, but a polyester cheongsam mini-dress on a white girl was adorable.

This morning’s Instagram

Looking down from the 18th floor of City Hall towards the East End (04/07/16) #rva #rvanews #visitrichmond #rainbow

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