Good morning, RVA: Monument 10k weekend

Warmer weather, lots of rain, and 40,000 additional humans in The Fan.

Good morning, RVA! It’s no longer bone-chillingly cold; I think we may have made it. The current temperature is 42 °F, and highs today hit in the mid-60s. There’s a small chance it will rain this afternoon, so if you’ve got somewhere to be you may want to bring an umbrella or a Pharrell-style Arby’s hat.

Monument 10k weather watch: We’re about 24 hours out from the 2014 Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, and it looks like it’ll be a wet one: there’s a 60% chance of rain in the morning and an 80% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Temperatures will stick around in the upper-50s, though.

Water cooler

Tomorrow, The Fan fills with 40,000 runners and spectators for the Monument 10k. Don’t expect the impending rain to in anyway reduce the number of people out an about–runners are crazy people. Here’s a list of road closures, parking suggestions, and everything else you need to know to get through one of the world’s largest 10ks.

Today’s your last oppourtunity to waste time watching adorable baby cheetahs on the internet. The Metro Richmond Zoo will move the cheetahs to a more permanent home sans live web feed.

Speaking of live web feeds, if you can’t make it out in person, you can stream today’s second annual TEDxRVA here. The first speakers start around 9:00 AM.

Last night #11 Dayton knocked off #10 Stanford to advance to the Elite Eight. Go Atlantic 10!. Tonight at 9:57 PM on TBS, #1 UVA takes on #4 Michigan State. Go Wahoos!

If you’re looking to make weekend plans, check out our calendar.

This morning’s longread

The itch nobody can scratch

Nothing gets you ready for the weekend like a story about a mysteriously terrifying skin disease, right?

It must be ticks, mites, something like that. But none of the creams worked, nor the sprays. Within days, odd marks began to appear, in the areas where his skin was soft. Red ones. Little round things, raised from his skin. Paul ran his fingertips gently over them. There was something growing inside them, like splinters or spines. He could feel their sharp points catching. Back home, he told his doctor, “I think it’s something strange.”

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Photo by: Fionnuala Bradley

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