Good Morning, RVA: Milk and Bread High Alert

How much snow would we need to get before we just give up and build a new Richmond elsewhere?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 18 °F, but all I can think about is the ever-increasing chance of snow this weekend. Now, less than 48 hours out from the event, the weather models are starting to get their act together and agree that there’s definitely snow headed our way with the general consensus being that we’ll end up with a literal butt ton. Richmond is officially on Milk and Bread High Alert!

Before then, things will warm up a bit, and today’s sky will fill with clouds.

Water cooler

Ned Oliver covered one of last night’s many public meetings: The one about the Boulevard development (the most boring episode of Friends ever). In a show of hands, many people were for keeping baseball on the Boulevard and one brave soul was not. Let’s be clear, a public raising of hands in a clearly pro-baseball room (Nutzy was there greeting people at the door!) is not a super scientific way to gauge support for a thing.

Keep an eye on this legislation giving the RMTA authority to build a new coliseum for the region. I’m not holding my breath for a burst of regional cooperation, plus it seems like everyone’s got priorities other than a giant new sports arena. That said, I do dream of Richmond hosting the A-10 Tournament one day. Graham Moomaw at the RTD has the details.

A couple of weeks back, we reported that some changes and improvements were coming to the entrance of Texas Beach. People freaked out! They were mostly worried that the city would build some condos or a ballpark or whatever on top of one of our best parks. But fear not, people! The changes are mostly minor and for the better, plus you have a chance to voice your opinion(s)!

I’ve avoided talking about the Dominion Coal Ash Wastewater Situation because I’m incredibly uninformed, it seems ultra complex, and I’ve yet to read a great article that explains it all to me. This article in the Washington Post will give you a good bit of background information and is a decent place to start. If anyone out there has read a great, science-y piece about coal ash effluence limits and impacts send it my way!

If you’re up early this month, venture outside and catch a view of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter all lined up in the early morning sky. It’s the first time since 2005 all of these guys have been gathered at the same time and visible to your naked eyeball.


  • Rams host Duquesne tonight at 7:00 PM, and you can watch on MASN.
  • #13 Wahoos got back to their winning ways with a 69-62 win over Clemson.
  • Hokies head to Notre Dame tonight at 7:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Dead Certainty

WARNING! Making a Murderer spoilers follow!

Despite all this, “Making a Murderer” has left many viewers entirely convinced that Avery was framed. After the documentary aired, everyone from high-school students to celebrities jumped on the “Free Avery and Dassey” bandwagon. In the weeks since, people involved in the conviction have been subjected to vicious and in some cases threatening messages from Netflix-watching strangers. (So have people who were not involved, including the Manitowoc Police Department, a separate entity from the county sheriff’s department.)

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