Good Morning, RVA: Memorial Day!

Celebrate, remember, wear sunscreen.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F, it’s Memorial Day, and it’s the perfect day to spend some time outside. Expect highs in the mid-80s and plenty of sun, so please, please wear sunscreen. Enjoy the holiday!

Water cooler

It’s Memorial Day, which means I usually read the Memorial Day Wikipedia entry. Today we remember all who’ve died in service of our armed forces, but Memorial Day began as a Civil War-specific remembrance. Possibly started by black residents of Charleston, definitely lead and organized by women, Memorial Day and its history are fascinating. There is, of course, a ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial today at 10:00 AM.

Peter Galuszka writing for Style Weekly takes a stab at why the economics for a freestanding children’s hospital might not work out. Or one area doctor says the exact opposite (banger of a quote in the final paragraph). The more I read about this, the less I feel qualified to have an opinion.

Eurovision! It’s a thing I don’t quite understand but was won by Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow. The BBC breaks down the final leaderboard.

ABC stores are open until 6:00 PM today.


  • Kickers fell to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 1-2.
  • Squirrels will wrap up the series with Bowie today at 12:05 PM. They lead 2-1. After losing fifteen straight, Richmond is one game back from third place in the division.
  • Nats took the series from the Philies, 2-1. They face the Cubs in Chicago at 2:20 PM today.

What to expect

Expect to take it easy today. We’ve got some last-minute celebration ideas for you, Stephanie Ganz shows off some #rvadine T-shirts (which are things that do exist), and I’ll tell you what the haps are with this week’s Friday Cheers (and give away some tickets). Other than that you’re free to spend your day outside with friends and family.

This morning’s longread

The Radical Humaneness of Norway’s Halden Prison

Even elsewhere in Europe, most high-­security prison plots are scraped completely flat and denuded of vegetation as security measures. “A lot of the staff when we started out came from other prisons in Norway,” Stromnes said. “They were a little bit astonished by the trees and the number of them. Shouldn’t they be taken away? And what if they climb up, the inmates? As we said, Well, if they climb up, then they can sit there until they get tired, and then they will come down.” He laughed. “Never has anyone tried to hide inside. But if they should run in there, they won’t get very far — they’re still inside.”

This morning’s Instagram

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