Good Morning, RVA: Lookin’ good in the neighborhood

Maybe spend this beautiful evening casually strolling around your neighborhood?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 65 °F, and today, you should expect more of yesterday’s great weather. While highs trundle their way into the upper-70s, clouds will burn off, and your afternoon will look just like a scene from a Miyazaki film (but not one of the terrible, creepy scenes).

Water cooler

JK, JK guys. The mayor in no way, shape, or form would like to bundle a regional children’s hospital as part of a Shockoe Stadium package. In a terse, 71-word statement sent yesterday evening he said, “we anticipate that a decision about a children’s hospital location will be made independent of other issues, including the ballpark.”

Speaking of Mayor Jones, today’s anonymous editorial in the RTD takes him to task over the Byron Marshall fiasco with some harsh words: “As we have explained previously, the mayor’s excuses for ignoring FOIA demands are, frankly, idiotic. Since the administration is not staffed by idiots, that means either that it thinks the citizens are idiots, or that it knows they aren’t but has so little regard for them it is willing to tender explanations it knows no one will take seriously. Either way, the arrogance is astonishing — and insulting.” will merge with in early December. From this release, it sure seems a lot like Berkshire Hathaway will absorb and delete–despite assurances to “include engaging and witty arts and entertainment coverage found on the current” 12 positions will also be cut along with the merger. I gotta bad feeling about this.

Jerrie Mock, the first woman to fly solo around the world, died yesterday. She completed her record-setting flight in 1964, more than 25 years after Amelia Earhart’s attempt.

This morning’s longread

The Body Electric

Getting struck by lightning seems like just about the worst thing ever. I’m never going outside again.

But nothing is normal anymore. Chronic pain, memory trouble, personality changes, and mood swings can all follow an encounter with lightning, leaving friends and family members confused, while survivors, grappling with a fundamental shift in identity, feel increasingly alienated by the incomprehensible nature of their condition. Something happened in a single moment–something strange and rare, something unbelievable–and after that moment, everything has changed.

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