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Here comes, what could be, a perfect day.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 62 °F, and today looks awesome. Highs in the mid-70s, sunshine, what more could you ask for? Time to turn that air conditioner back off!

Water cooler

How many alcohol-based business can Scott’s Addition support?’s Karri Peifer has the news that Blue Bee Cider most likely will buy the old city stables in that neighborhood. So that makes: Isley Brewing Company, Ardent Craft Ales, Black Heath Meadery, and the forthcoming Buskey Cider. Also casually mentioned in that KP article: Legend was one of folks bidding on the property. Hmmmmmmm.

A new coffee shop is headed to the North Side, sayeth Brandon Fox, and the way Lamplighter will lend a helping hand makes me feel feelings.

John Ramsey reports for the RTD that Dominon will demolish the Richmond Plaza building at the southwest corner of 7th and Cary and build something that will gussy up the city’s skyline. I spent some time working in the Richmond Plaza building, and good riddance to that windowless hulk, I say.

Today you can try one of four new flavors of ice cream at Gelati Celesti as part of their in-house flavor competition. Just go to one of the four stores and vote on which flavor you like best–one includes Early Bird Biscuits, which just seems unfair. My advice to the other shops for next year: Sugar Shack Donuts.

Here’s the trailer for the new Jem and the Holograms film, because I guess we’ve run out of new ideas.


  • Downed by Binghamton, 1-4, the Squirrels will finish up that series today at 12:05 PM. It’s a perfect day for an office trip to The Diamond! Get your tickets online.
  • Nats lost to the Diamondbacks, 6-14, they’ll finish up that series today at 3:40 PM.
  • Wizards and Hawks resume their series tonight at 8:00 PM.
  • Caps and Rangers face off tonight at 7:30 PM in game seven! Loser goes home!

What to expect

Today, RVANews will tell you:

  • All about who won the i.e.* startup competition
  • 5 things to do with your family
  • About a super rad wedding planner
  • Why you should attend the Lebanese Food Festival
  • How you can help a kid go to camp
  • Which of your favorite 90s bands is headed to Dominion Riverrock this weekend

This morning’s longread

Far Away From Me

Even though it embarrasses me to admit it now, I used to worship the Weezer song, “Across the Sea,” from their album Pinkerton, which I still love to this day even though when I listen to it now, it comes across like one big, whiny, humblebrag-gy, creepy men’s rights activist’s anthem. The song is basically about Rivers Cuomo having an Asian fetish, and eroticizing and fantasizing about this young Japanese schoolgirl who writes him fan letters from all the way “across the sea” and how he wants to meet her and date her even though it’s “wrong” for about a zillion reasons, among them being how he doesn’t really know anything about her except that she adores him, or how he objectifies and eroticizes her and idealizes her as the perfect dream girl with no other desires in life other than to please and adore him or how there is a major power imbalance between him, the adult rockstar, and her, the teenage fan girl, and yet when I listened to that song as a teen, it mostly just stirred up this massive yearning in me for some creepy, delusional, aging rockstar dude to fetishize me, to exoticize and idealize me. That, I thought, was my in. My only choices, I thought, were to be invisible and ugly or to be exoticized into worthiness.

Whoa, this piece from Rookie is wonderful and makes me wish I’d been a little more thoughtful when listening to Pinkerton in my past (or just a little more thoughtful in general at all times in my life).

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