Good Morning, RVA: Keep the hatches battened

We’re clear of severe weather warnings and watches, but the wind remains.

Photo by: Mary P Madigan

Good morning, RVA! It’s 45 °, and today is looking windy. No tornado warnings like yesterday or anything, but there could be some insane wind gusts out there. Careful with your hats and skirts, y’all.

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Weather warnings are no joke and you should heed them. The RTD has photos of the devastation from yesterday’s deadly tornado in Tappahanock.

The City has hired an emergency consultant to help them put together this year’s budget, which is due to Council in a hot second. In the understatement of the week, the mayor’s press secretary says, “…the budgeting methodology that has been traditionally utilized in the past does not represent best practices.” You may remember that budgeting methodology as the one where you just don’t budget for things. The mayor will present his budget to Council at a public meeting on March 4th at 3:00 PM.

Grant Martin is back with an incredible history of Fulton. Warning: This piece will probably bum you out–Richmond has done some brutal things to that community over the years. If, after reading, you’re like “Man! How can I help?,” maybe stop by the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton?

I finally got around to reading through all of the PDFs related to the 17th Street Market and now have a good handle on what’s the plan. This project gets unfairly grouped into the category of “stuff we said we’d have done by the Big Bike Race™, failed to get done by then, and can’t Richmond ever do anything right?” But guys, I think the extra time spent on this plan was worth it, and the end result seems pretty great. Construction should start this summer and wrap up next spring. Also: seasonal fire pit.

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out the following ways to react to a post other than the thumbs-up like button: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. I am reacting with a “Haha” to the fact that one of the reactions is officially named “Haha.”

It’s Republican debate night! Watch on CNN at 8:30 PM.

The New York Times sat down with a bunch of super legit Hollywood folks who are not straight white males and asked them what that’s like (not awesome a lot of the time!).

If you were at RVANews Live: Fascinating People 2016 last night, thank you so much for coming out during an actual tornado warning! Look for news about our next event sometime soon–right after we stop bursting with pride for our fellow fascinating Richmonders.


  • Rams lost on the road to George Mason, 69-76. This loss puts VCU in a tough spot come Selection Sunday.
  • Spiders lost at home to George Washington, 61-73.

This morning’s longread

The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens


Jess Miller is a 18-year-old recent high school graduate who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her colleagues and admirers call her Jess, but I can’t help but think of her as Pizza. Almost her entire teenage life has been lived on Tumblr, and over the past five years, her fame spread offline. “I didn’t really think I was ‘popular’ because the number of followers was there but it didn’t really hit me how big the audience I had was until people recognized me in public,” she said. “One day I was in the library and some girls walked into the room I was in, yelled out ‘Hey Pizza,’ and then ran away.”

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"Have you learned that SECRET from the river. . .?" #rva #rvanews #jamesriver

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