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Good morning, RVA! It’s 62 °F which is the warmest it’s been this early in the morning in a long, long time. The insanely beautiful weather continues today, with highs in the 80s and a few clouds here and there. Keep an eye on your hats and skirts as it could get gusty at times.

Water cooler

Tonight at 6:00 PM at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School, Dr. Bedden will deliver the 2016 State of the Schools address. There’s a hashtag! #StateofRPS!

The James River Association and Dominion have reached an agreement over the whole coal ash wastewater situation. Dominion will perform some “enhanced treatment” on the wastewater and will also monitor fish tissue. In exchange, JRA will not appeal Dominion’s shooting-coal-ash-wastewater-into-the-river permit. This sounds like a win! I think?

Ooo exciting news: Tesla will try to open a dealership in Richmond. I say “try,” because Tesla does not operate under the independent-dealer model that is mostly the status quo in Virginia–Tesla owns its dealerships. This rankles the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association, who then rankle the DMV, who then prevent Tesla from opening dealerships. So Tesla must sue, and boring legal stuff has to happen. There are probably many reasons that the VADA opposes Tesla, but news of a $35,000 (under $30,000 with tax credits) Tesla Model 3 probably doesn’t make folks in the fossil-fuel car industry feel warm and snuggly at night. Speaking of Tesla, I can’t not link to this long longread about how Tesla will change the world.

The sweet sports-moves of state-level politics continue as Republicans nominated yet another candidate for the open seat on the Virginia Supreme Court. The short-lived candidacy of Ken Cuccinelli was so short-lived, that it makes one wonder if he was ever a serious candidate in the first place. All of this is a fascinating episode of House of Cards, but, since it’s real life, is pretty tiresome.

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away! To get you in the mood, here’s Susan Howson’s lovely profile of Two and a Half Irish-Men, a traditional Irish baker in town (plus a recipe for Irish soda bread).

The Richmond Free Press has a bit of background on the new lights recently installed at the Vann Memorial Tower on VUU’s campus. Maybe you’ve seen it light up the nighttime sky in a striking way recently?



  • #6 Hokies beat the #11 Seminoles, 96-85, and will face #3 Miami at 9:00 PM tonight.
  • #9 Richmond and #8 Fordham tip off at 12:00 PM on the NBC Sports Network.
  • #2 Wahoos take on the #10 Yellow Jackets today at 7:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Rainbow Bagels and Crazy Milkshakes: What Happens When a Dish Goes Viral

Viral food! What’s next? Viral illnesses?

This is the new wave of “viral food.” If a dish is photogenic and shareable, all it takes is one influential user to post it for the “Everyone is Going Crazy for It” headline to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether a chef is catering to social media or just reaping its benefits, he still cannot control when a food goes viral. (Just last week, another NYC food item inexplicably re-appeared on food blogs, despite being on its restaurant’s menu for 13 years.) And when it happens, the impact can be seismic. Beyond the excitement, it’s a scramble to manage the crowds, stock supplies, and keep producing a quality product.

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