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Good morning, RVA! It’s 39 °F and dreary out there. Today will warm up, though, with highs hitting the mid-60s and the sun breaking through the clothrough the clouds (maybe).

Early Christmas parade outlook: rainy.

Water cooler

Today the RTD features a disappointing opinion piece questioning Rolling Stone’s article on the culture of rape at UVA. The RTD piece–written by a male graduate of UVA–states, “We are repelled by the depravity attributed to the fraternity boys. It’s almost difficult to believe. If it did happen, its monstrosity suggests that it must be an aberration.” That’s just the thing, it’s not an aberration. It’s a shameful part of the world we live in, and we don’t need articles like this giving credence to the folks who want to pretend that it’s not. If you’re interested in facts, Slate has a good piece on the reporting behind the Rolling Stone article.

Twitter just rolled out new ways to report abuse–a policy change motivated by, guess what, a movement specifically designed to abuse and terrorize women. Like I said, not an aberration.

As the Commonwealth searches for more operating funds, it might explore regulating cigarettes the way it regulates alcohol–aka taxing the mess out of it.

Looks like we’re getting a new Secretary of Defense, or as I like to call them: America’s Defensive Coordinator. Vox has a rundown of what you need to know about Ashton Carter, who will most likely be confirmed by the Senate.


  • Rams survived a nail biter against Illinoise State, winning 66-62 in the final minutes.
  • Caps fell to the Canucks, 3-4.
  • Spiders host the 5-1 Tribe tonight at 7:00 PM.
  • Hokies face Penn State at 7:15 PM on ESPNU.
  • #8 Wahoos continue their tour of newly-inducted Big10 members and travel to Maryland tonight at 9:15 PM on ESPN2.
  • Also of note, the final score of last night’s VMI game: 133-62.

This morning’s longread

Chris Rock on Ferguson, Cosby, and Obama

This is a really wonderful interview with Chris Rock. He dives into all sorts of stuff: racism, politics, the role technology plays in comedy, and a trillion other things. But I liked this quote about how comedy is harder than drama:

Let’s put it this way. Take Anchorman. Now switch the directors of Anchorman and Gone Girl and give them their movies to do. Adam McKay’s going to get closer to Gone Girl than Fincher is going to get to Anchorman.

This morning’s Instagram

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