Good Morning, RVA: It’s hot and sticky, but not like a cinnamon roll

Days like this, I just want to fast forward directly to fall.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 74 °F and the same as it ever was–well, the weather’s the same as yesterday at least. Today brings warm temperatures, high humidity, and a chance for showers throughout the day—with a higher chance right before lunch. Try to construct an outfit entirely from fabrics that are simultaneously waterproof and breathable.

Water cooler

Lots of Bus Rapid Transit news today–it’s a BRTathon! BRTpalooza! BRTnanigans?

Mark Robinson at Richmond Magazine reminds me that the train shed behind Main Street Station is still a thing. Not only is it still a thing, but it’s a thing undergoing renovations–some of which may help land a spot on the future (and, at this point, theoretical) DC-to-Richmond high speed rail. You need to read this!

I love, love, love this move by Washington & Lee to bar the Sons of Confederate Veterans from holding a Lee-Jackson Day event in the Lee Chapel. They cite “uncivil attacks in messages to the university, letters to the editors of local newspapers and social media postings”–looks like, sometimes, there are real-world consequence to online actions!

Final Fantasy VII now exists for iOS devices, and I now know how I will spend the majority of my time on vacation.


  • Squirrels split the double header with Binghamton. That series wraps up tonight at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats beat the Rockies 4-1. They’ll look for the sweep tonight at 8:40 PM.

This morning’s longread

Getting Over Embarrassment

This memory seems silly now, but it remains vividly planted in my mind because I think it’s the first time I felt ashamed over something so trivial. How could I have chosen the plastic cat bag?! What was I thinking? Little eight-year-old me couldn’t handle the poor choice I’d made only three months earlier. It was the first of many times I’d beat myself up over something that, ultimately, is meaningless. So I picked an inferior backpack! So what, who cares, right? I wish eight-year-old me could have seen it that way. But she cared. A LOT.

I’m sure that, right now, you are thinking of something trivial that happened to you decades ago that still fills you with shame and embarrassment. What is with our brains!? They need to cut it out!

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  1. Scott on said:

    You never answered my questions about BRT-

    Will the universities make a written financial commitment of support for the BRT? Will VCU and U of R end their Groome Transportation shuttle contracts and support BRT? What about more county support? Or will this eventually all be on the backs of Richmond taxpayers?

    I am for BRT as something that will improve PUBLIC mass transit, but I do have concerns that this is being driven more by private development and other agendas. Wouldn’t a robust inner-city circulator be a better alternative?

    Here is a prediction: when the Redskins camp and GRTC’s BRT can no longer be maintained by the City, VCU will ‘come to the rescue’. With City, state, and federal money having paid for most implementation costs, they will be getting a sweet deal for a sports complex and a new transportation system, as calculated a long time ago…

  2. Ross Catrow on said:

    Scott, a piece on the money is on the schedule (pending vacation and a couple other things). Cross my heart.

    In the meantime, you can look at a bunch of the financial information submitted with the TIGER application. It’s got the expected ongoing costs in there.

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