Good Morning, RVA: It’s Friday already??

Wait, what? My internal chronometer is busted!

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Good morning, RVA! It is 33 °F, and today you should expect highs in the mid-40s, sunshine, and a bunch of wind this afternoon. Beginning tomorrow and continuing through Monday, temperatures will rise to the almost-70s. Which, sure, it’s definitely winter and we just had a foot of snow on the ground, but temperatures in the high-60s sounds great and totally normal.

Water cooler

Last night was Mayor Jones’s final State of the City address. He said all the things you’d expect: the Big Bike Race™ was cool, Stone Brewing Co. is going to be cool, it’d be super uncool to delay the BRT–that kind of stuff. The most interesting thing, policy-wise, was that he plans on punting the decision to raise taxes to fund schools to a ballot referendum in November. You can read the full text of the speech right here.

Related, it’s Mayor Jones day over at the Richmond Times Dispatch! There’s this piece about Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring deciding to open a review/investigation into The Church Sitch, a Michael Paul Williams editorial asking the mayor to rebuild trust with the citizens in his remaining months, and this annonymous editorial that is cautiously a couple of steps removed from angry. Plus, there’s an RTD Public Square on February 3rd (from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM…?) about what we’d like to see in a new mayor. ALL MAYOR ALL THE TIME.

The Amazing Raise, which raised literal millions of bucks for area non-profits, is no more! Fear not, it’s more of a “Our work here is done!” type of a departure than a “Gah, this thing was too much work!” Susan Howson got all the details from Community Foundation CEO Sherrie Branch.

The Governor says that Richmond “cannot lose the Squirrels,” and that he’s willing to have city and team officials over to the Executive Mansion for beers to talk it over. He didn’t say, however, if the state is willing to pay for a new stadium or not. Read more from Leah Small over at Style Weekly.

From Vox: “Donald Trump won the debate.” FYI, Donald Trump did not attend the debate.


  • Rams have a huge game at Davidson tonight at 6:00 PM on ESPN2. A road win would make for 11 straight.
  • Spiders picked up a thrilling double overtime win against George Washington last night. Shawdre’ Jones had a heckuva night with 29 points. Richmond looks to bring that momentum into Sunday’s game against St. Bonaventure at 3:00 PM on ASN.
  • #11 Wahoos head to # 16 Louisville on Saturday at 1:00 PM. Watch on CBS.
  • Hokies try to stop their three-game losing streak with a trip to Pittsburgh on Sunday at 6:30 PM. That game will be televised on ESPNU.

This morning’s longread

The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy

Man, I love nerds.

By 2003, Mallinson, then in his late teens, had been downloading and comparing [Michael] Jackson and Sonic tracks for years. That September, he explained his Sonic/Jackson conspiracy theory in a post on Sonic Classic, one of the countless message board communities that dominated early-2000s Internet culture.

This morning’s Instagram

West Hospital on VCU's MCV campus as seen from the observation deck of City Hall. Two reasons to post this: 1) I took it while waiting for my business license from the city to officially start my photography business. You can now buy my work at! 2) Nostalgia as the upper floor served as the med school overnight call room. The air and heating didn't work that well, so in the summer it was often rather hot, and in the winter I remember having a space heater but also having to wear fleece and a hat to keep warm. I don't think the students take overnight call anymore, and it was rare that we got more than just a few hours of sleep at a time! I also remember the fake bird noises that seemed to chirp right in the windows (to keep other birds away). Didn't make for restful times! #RVA #VisitRichmond #VisitVirginia #VCU #MCV #WestHospital @vcuhealth @vcu #LoveVA @styleweekly #RichmondGrid #SonyAlpha @sonyalpha #virginiacities #rvanews @rvanews

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