Good Morning, RVA: It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

The day before the night before the stuff!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 38 degrees on this Christmas Eve Eve, and today’s high probably won’t get much higher. Plus, it might rain. If that seems noncommittal, tomorrow, Christmas Eve Proper, temperatures will shoot up into the mid-60s and it will definitely rain.

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The RTD has your daily update on the Joe Morrissey debacle. Kevin Sullivan and Matt Walton, pending litigation, will face off in the January 13th special election. At least the story has moved from disgusting and gross to predictably partisan and boring.

Karri Peifer, now of the RTD and not, brings sad news to RVA’s bachelor and bachelorette parties: Tiki Bob’s will close in February.

Via WTVR, this story from CNN about the women’s bathroom nearest the House of Representatives–as told by Michele Bachmann–led me to this article about the history of the bathroom. It’s the only room in the entire Capitol ever to be named for a woman.

If you ordered something from our shop over the last couple of weeks (or years, even!) and have failed to pick it up, we’re having extended order pickup hours today until 8:00 PM at our office. Plus there are a few sales going on, like $10 T-shirts and $1 off stickers.


Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator extraordinaire Bud Foster has signed a new five-year contract extension making him one of the highest paid coordinators in all of college football.

And with that, I’m outta here! I’ll be taking the next few days off, so you’ll need to find your daily news elsewhere; I believe in you. Have a wonderful holiday, and get ready for 2015. It’s gonna be great, I can feel it.

This morning’s longread

What 800 Nerds on a Cruise Ship Taught Me About Life, the Universe, and Snorkeling

You can learn a lot about life from a boatload of nerds.

And the passengers? This convention at sea has grown increasingly elaborate. For this year, the fourth, 800 Sea Monkeys (as they call themselves) are boarding the Independence of the Seas not just for nightly musical and comedy performances. They are coming for the 24-hour game room run by Wil Wheaton (famed blogger, gaming expert, cast member on Star Trek: The Next Generation), hot tub “office hours” with author and The Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman, and a semiformal dance where fezzes and tiaras are de rigueur. They’ll commune with their fellows at their own shadow festival of karaoke, off-the-books parties, and events that they’ve coordinated for months on social media and, while at sea, on fan-built apps that use the ship’s Wi-Fi. “It’s a very tribal thing that happens. They certainly self-identify as nerds and/or geeks. I prefer to think of them as ‘enthusiasts,'” Coulton says. “I’m not being modest when I say that for many people this event is less about me and more about the community.”

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