Good Morning, RVA: It’s America time!

Sweaty hot weather, sports during work hours–this is what America was made for.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 73 °F, and today’s looking hot, sunny, and wonderful. With highs in the 90s, choose your World Cup watching spot carefully–no one wants to go back to work a sweaty, bedraggled mess.

Water cooler

Somehow I’d missed this, but it looks like Walmart might set up one of their Neighborhood Market stores on Brook Road–right past Azalea Avenue near the WaWa. The “Neighborhood Market” versions of Walmart are typically much smaller, although compared to, like, the Radio Shack across the street, still pretty large.

Whoa: the RTD’s restaurant critic, Dana Craig, will step down. She’s written about RVA eats for the last ten years! Marissa Hermanson will take her place–but certainly not replace her.

The Supreme Court decided two interesting cases yesterday: American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo and Riley v. California. The first says you can’t send broadcast television over the internet, and the second says you can’t search someone’s cellphone without a warrant. Both of the previous links are plain-English breakdowns of the decisions. Recommended!

Don’t forget: 12:00 PM, World Cup, USA vs. Germany.


  • Squirrels sweep Harrisburg, 6-2. They’ll look to extend their current winning streak to seven tonight against Bowie at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats stumble against the Brewers, 2-9, take on the Cubs at 8:05 PM.
  • Wahoos couldn’t get it done against Vandy and lose, 3-2, in the final game of the College World Series.

World Cup

This is it. Team America needs to walk away with at least a draw to advance to the next round. In fact, a draw sends both the US and Germany to the next round. So why should either team bother? Ummmmm, good question. Let ESPN attempt to convince you to still tune in.

  • Portugal vs. Ghana, 12:00 PM, ESPN2
  • USA vs. Germany, 12:00 PM, ESPN
  • Algeria vs. Russia, 4:00 PM, ESPN2
  • South Korea vs. Belgium, 4:00 PM, ESPN

This morning’s longread

We’re losing all our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome

Make sure you check out the test at the bottom of the article to see if the female character you’ve written is a Strong Female Character. I’m a sucker for tests.

She’s wise. She’s principled. She’s joyous. She’s divided. She’s damaged. She’s vulnerable. She’s something female characters so often aren’t in action/adventure films with male protagonists: She’s interesting.

Too bad the story gives her absolutely nothing to do.

Photo by: JD Hancock

This morning’s Instagram

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