Good Morning, RVA: It’s a new week

And it’s gotta start somewhere.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 43 °F, and today’s high of 67 °F might mean socks are in your immediate future–don’t worry, truly warm temperatures return this weekend. As for today, the sun makes a triumphant return as does the pollen.

Water cooler

The death toll following this weekend’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal has risen to 3,600. The New York Times has a some depressing before and after photos of now-destroyed Nepalese landmarks, and if you’re looking to help, you can donate through the Red Cross.

Protests erupted in Baltimore this past week over the death of Freddie Gray. Gray suffered a fatal spinal chord injury after he’d been arrested by police and died on April 19th. has a timeline of events and photographs of protests on the 23rd. The Baltimore Sun has devoted their entire front page to covering the ongoing events.

Loretta Lynch, the nation’s first black female attorney general, will be sworn in today at 11:00 AM. You can watch the ceremony live on CSPAN.


  • Kickers picked up a 1-0 win against Montreal FC.
  • The Squirrels’ losing streak continued over the weekend. They’ll host Reading tonight at 6:35 PM and try to avoid pushing that streak to double digits.
  • Nats did a whole lot of losing over the last couple of days–they’re currently riding a five-game losing streak. A new series starts with the Braves tonight at 7:10 PM.
  • Caps fall to the Islanders, 1-3, and keep the series stressful. The final game, winner take all, is tonight at 7:30 PM.
  • Wizards swept the Raptors and advance!

What to expect


  • Neat Week begins, get ready to Konmari your life.
  • The i.e.* Startup Competition finalists have been chosen.
  • Friday Cheers begins and we’ve got tickets to give away.
  • An interview with @chefjacqueslamerde!

This morning’s longread

The night the news died

The end came shortly before 9 p.m. on a nippy spring Saturday night. We’d all seen it coming for years, especially after the heart-attack-like shock of the Iraq War years in the early 2000s, when elite journalists pinned an American flag to their lapels and left their skepticism back home in the closet. But the awkward, babbling explanations by Louis and his fellow CNN panelists about why they — and, in fairness, their competitors on MSNBC, Fox and even Al-Jazeera America — were pathologically unable to ditch their black-tie-dyed puffball coverage of the D.C. media’s so-called “nerd prom”  truly felt like the respirator plug had finally been yanked, violently, from the wall.

I’d never really thought about what the White House Correspondents Dinner, now I can’t stop thinking about it.

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