Good Morning, RVA: It’s a good-vibes Wednesday

I plan on having a great day.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 58 °F, and I am excited about today’s weather. Highs in the mid-70s and sunny skies continue this week’s good vibes and make for a perfect evening of porch sitting or maybe frisbee tossing. We don’t have a ton of days like this left, so take advantage of it!

Water cooler

Quick word of warning if you’re out on the roads this morning: It’s Walk to School Day. There will be more kids out and about on their way to school, please do not run them over with your vehicles! WTVR has a list of officially participating schools.

Speaking of kids that do not deserved to be flattened by a car, check out this piece by Susan Howson about the ultra inspiring teenagers that are part of Groundwork RVA. They just got back from Yellowstone and are ready to change the world, no big deal.

Now that the city’s 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has been completed, attention turns to the 2015 CAFR–which is due at the end of November. On the one hand, it’s totally unreasonable to expect the 2015 report to be turned in on time after just now wrapping the 2014 version. On the other hand using “Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or pencil and paper” to verify financial information does not inspire a lot of confidence. Jury’s still out on this newest edition of the city’s finance department–stay tuned.

The statue memorializing Richmond police officers killed in the line of duty may find a new home in Byrd Park, Brandon Shulleeta reports. If you’re unfamiliar with this statue, head over to this always useful list of Richmond monuments. Mostly unrelated: I think it’d be totally rad to see all of this info and history about Richmond’s monuments moved to some sort of wiki-like site and expanded. This stuff fascinates me endlessly.

I forgot to link to it earlier this week, but here’s a list of September’s restaurant openings and closings. Read it and make reservations/weep accordingly.

Also read this thing on Vox about how Congress prevents gun violence research and get bummed out.

This morning’s longread

Loudoun Calling

Someone’s been waiting to use that headline for a long time.

In October, he’ll open what will be one of the largest plots of hops in the state, offering tours of its hop and barley fields. He sees food trucks pulling up directly to one of the taproom’s sets of Dutch doors, where plates — whether it’s barbecue by celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio or local food truck fare — will be handed directly to hungry revelers in the beer hall. He envisions bands playing on the stage by the bar as the piney, floral aromas of Cascade and Centennial hops waft out of the roast house where they dry, readying for processing and pressing into pellets. He pictures the day when the farm is marketing to other breweries: In addition to producing the farm’s own rotation of beer made onsite from its own hops and wellwater, the outfit will sell to breweries, offering its hops; imported hops from Austria and Germany; and poles, plants and vines for others looking to try their hand at farming. Staples says Black Hops will also offer a consultation service, designing and managing other farms’ fields.

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