Good Morning, RVA: Iowa, you guys!

So begins primary season.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 47 °F, and how wonderful was yesterday’s weather? Even the rain, which did significant work on the piles of remaining snow in my backyard, seemed somehow refreshing. Today you can expect highs in the mid-50s, sunshine, and a bit of wind.

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Iowa had their freaky caucus situation last night and picked Ted Cruz as their Republican nominee for president. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, the Democrats who participated came down nearly evenly split between Clinton and Sanders. The NYT has a nice results page with maps, charts, and graphs. I’m not sure why we care so much about Iowa; I found a nickel in my couch that does a better job predicting the eventual candidates (aka Iowa has a 43% success rate picking Democratic candidates and a 50% success rate at picking Republican candidates–my nickel is just as good and takes way less time).

Oooo Michael Paul Williams is smoking hot today! Go read his editorial, print out the third paragraph, take a picture of it, and post that picture on all of your social media channels from now until November’s elections. Dang!

The Richmond Police Department will introduce their body cameras and a pilot / rollout program this morning. Body cameras are great and lower the use of force by officers a ton but also bring with them some privacy-related consequences. More as we learn more on the specifics of the program!

Virginia’s potential new congressional district maps took another step toward reality. The Supreme Court will still hear arguments in this case on March 21st, so it’s not yet a done deal.

This article was not about what I thought it was about based on the headline: “Bernie Sanders’s tie should be the biggest story of the Iowa caucuses.”


The new college basketball rankings came out yesterday, and VCU is just outside the top 25 at 29th.

  • Hokies will try and stop their skid tonight at Syracuse at 8:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Raiders of the Lost Web

Digital information itself has all kinds of advantages. It can be read by machines, sorted and analyzed in massive quantities, and disseminated instantaneously. “Except when it goes, it really goes,” said Jason Scott, an archivist and historian for the Internet Archive. “It’s gone gone. A piece of paper can burn and you can still kind of get something from it. With a hard drive or a URL, when it’s gone, there is just zero recourse.”

I hate tangible items as much as the next guy, but this makes me want to start printing some stuff out!

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