Good Morning, RVA: I’ll be there for you

When then rain starts to pour–probably none of that today, though.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 52 °F, and today’s high is 72 °F. Between now and then we’ll see some patchy fog this morning, some clouds in the sky, and maybe even some rain this afternoon. Gotta be prepared for a little bit of everything today.

Water cooler

You should read this piece about expanding the Port of Richmond. I don’t know why, but I find it facinating. I learned that MeadWestvaco sends 13,000 shipping containers through the Port of Richmond each year–that’s 300,000 tons of product!

Buried in this article on NBC12 about Del. Bob Marshall’s Ebola fear mongering, is this quote and response from Dr. Gonzalo Bearman, Chief of infectious diseases at VCU Medical Center, head of the hospital’s infection prevention program, and leader of the hospital’s Ebola response team: “…even sitting next to someone traveling from West Africa on a plane, is probably okay. ‘I think the risk would be exceedingly low,’ he said.”

Remember a couple of weeks ago I said Colonial Downs may close and end horse racing in Virginia? Let it be written, let it be done. That link from the RTD is filled with many, many words that will surely get you up to speed on the entire situation and how it affects at least a couple dozen local employees.

You can and should volunteer during HandsOn Day 2014.

HBO’s president announced that, beginning next year, they will offer HBO as a stand-alone product that does not require a cable subscription. No details or pricing yet. Keep in mind that Amazon Prime members do get a subset of HBO with their Prime membership, so there’s a precedent for an HBO-lite offering that lacks, basically, all the current show you want to watch (aka Game of Thrones).

Related: Netflix will begin streaming every episode of Friends on New Years Day.

It’s Apple event day! The rumors are far less exciting that those circulating before the release of the Watch and focus mainly on new iPads, iMacs, and the new Mac OS.


  • Hokies travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Panthers tonight at 7:30 PM on ESPN. The Hokies have an absolutely putrid record at Heinz Field.
  • Last night the Royals clinched a spot in the World Series, and the Giants are one win away from doing the same.

This morning’s longread

Scientists Explain Why Nobody Puts Cheddar on Pizza

This is serious stuff, people!

The water molecules contained in the cheese atop the pizza–all those little H2Os, trapped between the protein and the fat–heat up. In fairly short order, the water begins to boil. When that happens, the water becomes steam. But the steam is trapped in the cheese–inside all that protein and fat–so it can’t evaporate into the surrounding air. Instead, it pushes against the surface of the cheese. The cheese, in turn, starts to bubble.

This morning’s Instagram

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