Good Morning, RVA: I wish I could adjourn this week

Let’s follow the example set by our elected officials and adjourn ourselves from the work week!

Photo by: Office of Governor Baker

Good morning, RVA! It’s 73 °F, and here ends the recent string of amazingly perfect weather. Today you can expect highs in the upper-80s and far less sunshine–probably no rain, but no brilliant blue skies either as clouds crowd their way into your personal space. Tomorrow the chance for rain begins in earnest.

Water cooler

Well that whole redistricting thing very quickly went in a surpsing direction. The Senate adjourned just a hot second after they started, forcing the House of Delegates to do the same, which ended any chance for a legislative-based solution. Now federal courts will redraw the maps. At least those folks are nonpartisan? I guess?

The attendance totals for the Washington Training Camp were released yesterday and…<makes awkward pulling collar away from neck gesture>. This year’s total: 80,888. Last year’s total: 167,749. I’ll let you to divide those two numbers yourself. I’m also going to guess that the City will end up cutting another couple-hundred-thousand dollar check to the team at the beginning of next year.

Travis Milton, previously of Comfort and soon to be of Shovel and Pick, will hold two popups at Pasture–Tickets are $68 and the food sure to be deliciously Southern and inspiringly local. Stephanie Breijo at Richmond Magazine has more of the details you’re looking for.

Should you take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin? This is a question I shout/ask at a lot of my friends who work in a medical field, and it seems like the answer always changes (or, apparently, I never listen to what they say because I keep shouting/asking). Vox has the definitive response…OR SO THEY SAY.


  • Squirrels begin a new series at Binghamton tonight at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats face the Rockies at the slightly-less-West-Coast-time of 8:40 PM.

This morning’s longread

Why are Shade Balls Black Instead of White?

This is a real thing that LA has done. The pictures are crazy.

Los Angeles has coated its reservoirs in millions of black plastic balls. But why are they a heat-absorbing black instead of light-reflecting white? Because they’re shade balls, and their purpose has nothing to do with the drought.

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