Good Morning, RVA: I, for one, welcome our new Whole Foods overlords

The big three of Richmond news: grocery stores, doughnuts, and snow. Today we’ve got one of those.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 59 °F, and today looks pretty much identical to yesterday: highs in the 70s, a cloud here or there, and almost no chance of rain. Tomorrow things start to heat up as temperatures will head north of 85 °F.

I haven’t yet figured out how to parse pollen and other allergen forecasts, but I’ve seen several charts on Twitter this morning that feature tall, contextless, red bars. I think that means we’re in for some heavy sneezing, but there’s no way of knowing.

Water cooler

Yesterday, Whole Foods announced that they have signed a lease within the city limits. The new store will open on “Broad Street near the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.” This follows last month’s news of two Wegmans headed to Richmond’s outskirts. So many grocery stores, so little time (unless you live in the East End).

Two updates on the Lynchburg oil spill. First, crude oil has been found in the river near the site of the accident, and the Virginia Department of Health “has not lifted the advisory against recreational use of the James River between Lynchburg and Richmond.” Second, government officials think “heavy storm conditions may have compromised a segment of trackbed, resulting in the derailment.”

The internet’s Taber points out that the new Google Maps update contains updated GRTC routes and schedules. One less excuse for not riding the bus!

The US will deploy “specialist” to help recover the 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria. Vox, as always, does a great job of explaining the situation.

This morning’s longread

Inside the strange new world of DIY brain stimulation

This makes me feel dizzy.

Fugedy is 65, with salt-and-pepper hair, a mustache, and glasses that give him a slightly owlish appearance. He electrifies his own brain several times a week and says he appreciates the boost it has given his memory.

Photo by: taberandrew

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